Turkey vs. France (Friendly game) Analysis

The other evening, France hosted Turkey to a friendly exhibition game before the World Cup games that will be held soon. This piece is a statistical and video analysis of the game.


To be entirely honest, I was not expecting the Turkish NMT to be able to gather up so well given the amount of talent that was gathered up aimed at the World Cup in September.

Below is the regular boxscore outcome of the game:

Turkey Boxscore

While the above does give the usual insight on the game, to be very honest, the effort that to me seems to have made a major difference was that of Metecan Birsen.

Checking out the efficiency charting for the Turkish team:

Turkey Eff. Chart whole team

From the efficiency charting, we can see that Metecan got involved in 25 possessions overall in the game and while Doğuş Balbay was involved in 53 of the total points that the Turkish side scored Metecan critically was involved in 27 of the points the team made and efficiently made a difference offensively.

Checkout Metecan’s performance offensively (courtesy of InStat Basketball):

Looking further at the overall lineup analysis of the Turkish side, two lineups really stood out. While in just above +3 minutes within 5 possessions 9 points were scored making up for a +/- of 6 was scored by; B.Uğurlu, E.Arar, Y.Arslan, M.Birsen, B.Tuncer impacted the game. While there also was a +/- of 3 managed in around 4:30 min. again scoring 9 points in about 10 possessions with added defensive effort: C.Osman, F.Korkmaz, S.Şanlı, M.Mahmutoğlu and D.Balbay impacted the game further.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 21.29.27

Check out the 2nd lineup’s plays below (courtesy of InStat Basketball):

Finally, it’s worth checking out the assisted Field Goals Made by the team (courtesy of InStat Basketball): 17 possessions played by the Turkish NMT



With the up and coming World Cup, France has gotten decent firepower as well as a decent defensive lineup that they can easily disrupt opposing teams. Fournier, Gobert to me as some of the top tier guys for the French side that will make a difference but the real X factor will be Frank Nitilkina if he can gradually become a force to reckon with.

While Nicolas Batum took up more than +25 minutes in the game and Thomas Huertel also went above the +20 minute mark I feel that the younger NBA level talent will eventually warm-up by the time the World Cup games start. While France lost this game to Turkey I saw glimpses of good things for them as Coach Colliet is building up the team.

France Boxscore

Efficiency-wise, the only player that made a +100 Defensive Rating was Adrien Moerman yet when looked at closer, Gobert and Albicy both had equally solid defensive stands that helped the team out. The French team missed too many shots for my liking that took them out of the game in my opinion.

France Eff. Chart whole team

The best lineup that did top-notch work lasted only 2 minutes but within 5 possessions contributed 5 points and 2 assists across the game.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 21.28.55

Here is a highlight of the best lineup France played with (courtesy of InStat Basketball):

Across the game, I felt that Adrien Moerman did the most in terms of his abilities to try and get a “W” for his side, here are the plays he got involved in (courtest of InStat Basketball):


Both teams are still far from a perfect form in terms of the World Cup but given the preparation period, I am sure that both sides will make sure to work out the kinks in their rosters and plays as they head down the stretch.

Here is a final sheet of both sides in excel format for you geeks that want to mess around with it:


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