Jordy Kuiper signs with LEB Gold (Spanish 2nd League) team CACERES

Jordy Kuiper, a 2018 UNCG graduate, began his pro career in Europe playing in the Icelandic – Dominos League last season for Grindavik where he had the following stats line:

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 15.46.02

Kuiper in Dominos league.jpg

A really versatile big man, Kuiper has not just the build of a big man but the speed of a wing so can be a real threat to handle. He has a deadly outside shot and can cause havoc on defense too. LEB Gold a competition known to toughen up the most talented players across the board will be a great stop for Kuiper as he develops his craft further.

Caceres’ head coach Bohigas has a solid option with Kuiper inside and out and will no doubt make good use of the Dutch talent.

Here are some insights on his offense and defense while he played a UNCG (compiled from the last 10 games he played courtesy of InStat Basketball)

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