Two Dutch Big Men on The Block – Van Der Mars vs. Aarts

OK, lets get down to it!

Its a fact, Dutch are tall and big, talent is not an issue. This piece is about two talents we admire at Advance Pro Basketball.

Roel Aarts a big man spent last season at New Heros Den Bosch and had a productive season. Roel Aarts statsline from last season:

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 18.17.22.png

Roel is a diverse big man, that can play inside and outside and both ways (offensively and defensively). Given that Roel still has not hit his potential ceiling there is a lot of room for him to grow.

Roel on defense:

Roel on offense:


On the other hand, Thomas Van Der Mars, a Dutch National Team big man that has developed at the University of Portland has had a good international career growth so far. Thomas’ stats line from last season at Okapi Aalstar:

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 18.26.19

Like Roel, Thomas can play both ends of the court well, Thomas is three years older than Roel is and hence has somewhat more on-court experience. This is clear from the type of isolation and transition plays that he got involved in the past season.

Thomas on Offense:

Thomas on Defense:

In recent news, Van Der Mars has signed a new deal that brings him to New Heros Den Bosch and back home to The Netherlands. My dilemma is this since Van Der Mars returns to the DBL, can he help the growth of Roel Aarts or will Aarts have to seek out a new team to develop himself?



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