How to Assess NBA Summer League Like a Scout

Here is a sneak peek of the work:

How to Assess NBA Summer League Like a Scout Each summer, Las Vegas becomes a ground for standouts who catch fire and that later make a splash in the league. As fans and enthusiasts of the game what can you look out for?! Scouting in the NBA Summer League is one of the hardest things to go through these days. I have seen coaches, training experts fail miserably at it and other much more carefully watching the game seek out nuances that could easily be missed make great strides at succeeding. First of all it should be agreed upon that the level of play is much higher than the regular NCAA game but a fraction lower than the NBA standards of regular season games. While teams were hastily built up till 2017 the last few years franchises have been making more of an effort to attempt to build up rosters that they will create a playbook around and check out thoroughly.
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