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Dark days coming to Turkish Basketball

A little while ago I took to and published the following article that made some waves within the Turkish basketball community as I got several reactions from people that I still have close relationships with. 

Today while combing through what was going on in different parts of Europe I came across some news that I found very much related to my article and further signals that Turkish Basketball is headed towards a very uncertain future in terms of how healthy the clubs and the players will be seen.

The news I came across was from, a prominent independent news source of the Turkish Basketball community and run by Necip Kapanlı. An article that was written up by Onur Dinçer of the Milliyet Newspaper ( points out the following, Galatasaray one of the major sports clubs which has deep rooks in soccer yet also operate a basketball branch eventually have been sanctioned to pay out several of their former players.

Among them are Emir Preldzic (510,000.00 Euros), Scotty Hopson (245,000.00 USD), Tibor Pleiss (200,000.00 USD), as well as other player below the 200,000.00 USD mark yet. With  such an outlook I began to wonder what the overall situation was for Turkish Basketball in general and I checked out the FIBA BAT sanctions site here is what I came across:

Country Club Name Men/Women Date of (first) sanction # of bans in place
Turkey Pinar Karsiyaka Men 22 March 2019 4 bans in place
Turkey Galatasaray Men 6 Nov 2018 13 bans in place
Turkey Besiktas Basketbol Men 1 November 2018 15 bans in place
Turkey Torku Konyaspor Basketbol Kulübü/ Konya Spor Kulübü Derneği Men 23 Feb. 2016 2 bans in place
Turkey Selcuk Universitesi Sport Kulübü Men 17 April 2015 1 ban in place
Turkey Sakarya Büyüksehir Belediye Basketbol Spor Kulübü Men 28 Jan 2019 1 ban in place
Turkey BC Aliaga Petkim Men 30 Aug. 2014 2 bans in place
Turkey Antalya Buyuksehir Spor Kulübü Dernegi Men 4 Oct. 2010 2 bans in place
Turkey Best Balikesir Basketball Kulübü Men 26 July 2017 1 ban in place
Turkey Trabzonspor Basketball Kulübü Dernegi Men 12 Dec. 2017 13 bans in place
Turkey Mugla Ormanspor Kulübü Men 30 Jan 2018 1 ban in place
Turkey Eskisehir Basket Spor Men 30 Jan 2018 2 bans in place
Turkey Usak Sportif SK Men 23 April 2018 1 ban in place
Turkey Buyukcekmeke Basketbol Kulübü Men 28 Feb 2108 1 ban in place
Turkey Sakarya Buyuksehir Belediye Basketbol Spor Kulübü Men 6 June 2019 1 ban in place
Turkey Yesilgiresun Belediye SK Men 25 May 2018 4 bans in place

For the sake of the argument I have taken out the Women’s clubs that currently are in the process of being sanctioned or that have bans in place but overall, its unbelievable to see that Turkish clubs are the lost that are currently having to deal with BAT and the fact that they are gaining notoriety in Europe for being badly managed can literally be publicly seen from this table alone.

In the above article of basketfaul I also came across the fact that Galatasaray’s basketball branch also owes debt to several companies that they originally either signed sponsorship or general deals with. It would definitely not be a far fetched case to check in that other clubs on the above list either have or are having the same issues.

The numbers alone from the above chart prove the following:

Given the conversion rate of TL against the Euro or even the USD however good the clubs finances simply could be given such sanctions and having to also handle legal and administrative fees of dealing with issues, Turkish basketball is really not going anywhere up soon.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I have come out of this community to a major extent however as most of the critics I talk to point out, there are just too many problems brewing in the proverbial kitchens (the clubs) and not enough is being done to come up with healthy solutions that can lead to players being protected.

In part an idea in the past had been to develop a stand alone players association however, given that no one has stepped up nor the follow through has occurred and we have not heard of it being formed by now it likely does not exist or is not active.

To any foreign players, agents or parties interested in getting into Turkish Basketball please let this be a fair warning. Check where your clients or marketing efforts are going to. FIBA is the fore most official channel to see what the situation is of a basketball community you’d be getting into.



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