Chance Comanche – a Euroball prospect


Birthday: 4/14/96 (22)

Height: 6’11” / Wingspan: 7’+

Weight: 215 Pounds

Hometown/College: Playa Del Rey, California/University of Arizona



Scouting Report:


Comanche is an active, high IQ big who uses his energy and intelligence to put him in areas to contribute. Long but not very athletic, Comanche struggles to play over the rim unless he has a head of steam. Instead, Comanche knows how to separate/disengage from defenders and how to relocate on drives to put himself in position for easy scores – he’s very active without the ball in his hands and does his work early. He’s very active on the glass with soft touch and active hands which allows him to be a good offensive rebounder. He can finish with both hands, however, he likes to finish with his left hand. Comanche has a very thin build and limited strength which causes him to struggle to post against bigger/tougher players; doesn’t punish smaller guys or use his length to his advantage. Does give a good target when posting up but routinely gets driven out to 12 feet when facing bigger posts. When he’s on the right block, he likes to face up into a running left hand layup/hook.

Shot has a high release and he feels comfortable shooting from around 12-15 feet, but not a threat. Mechanics and balance are way off leading to shooting troubles even with time ad space, however, does have a turnaround fade away from the post that he’ll pull out from the left block. That being said, he is not a true offensive threat except when teammates are creating for him and on the glass.


Leaves a lot to be desired defensively. For as active as he is on the offensive end, complete opposite on the defense end. Routinely plays with his hands down which allows smaller guards to get around him and to the basket. Doesn’t stay down on closeouts either which leads to him getting beat; tends to closeout with left foot high causing body to get skinny and allows for drive-bys off shot fakes. Tends to lose his man when forced to guard on the perimeter. Does a good job using his length to guard screens and shows potential when switching screens on the perimeter. Poor defensive rebounder and lack of athleticism leads to poor rim protecting.


A smart and active big whose game is more suited towards basketball of old – not an elite athlete and poor shot, forces him to rely on his high IQ with respect to positioning and activity on the offensive glass to score. Defensively, struggles to guard in the modern game – has the potential to switch out and guard on the perimeter, as shown with his ability to cover screens, but plays with his hands down and tends to lose his man when off the ball. If he can mimic his activity on the offensive glass on the defensive end there is potential.

Baring in mind that Chance has had European basketball experience in Serbia with BC Partizan. He his high visibility and know how of how Euroball works makes him a prime target.