Billy Preston – Euroball scouting report


Billy Preston 



Birthday: 10/26/97 (21)
Height: 6’9” without Shoes / Shoes: 6’11” / Wingspan: 7’1”
Weight: 240 Pounds
Hometown/College: Redondo Beach, California/University of Kansas NBA Combine Results:
Height: 6’8.75” / Shoes: 6’10.5” / Wingspan: 7’2” / Standing Reach: 9’
Hand Length: 9.25” / Hand Width: 9.5”
Weight: 222.4 (240 listed) / 5.45% Body Fat Lane Agility: 11.26s / Standing Vert: 25” / Max Vert: 33”


Scouting Report:


Preston is a long and athletic forward who is mostly used to stretch the floor. A willing shooter, Preston needs his teammates to create for him and is strictly a catch and shoot threat off drives. Operating mostly from the breaks and up – Preston has an awkward shooting motion that comes across his body, with heavy hip rotation and flat arc making it tough to repeat his motion. Struggles when his feet aren’t set. Loves to operate off his jab step on the catch – on kick outs like to shot fake and drive left on hard closeouts. Loves to fade away, especially from contact. Will occasionally crash the offensive glass, but looking more for put back dunks from the perimeter.

Right hand only finisher around the basket, straight line driver. Likes to use left hand hesitation move to drive, if he drives right likes to use for step back fade aways. Will always come back to his right – go to move when driving left is fake spin/shoulder fake to middle back to fade away jump shot. Very methodical and slow with the basketball, loose handle which leads to a lot of strips on drives. Over dribbles, and doesn’t really ever gain ground simply dancing without breaking defender down. Plays small and doesn’t use athleticism well, especially when attacking the basket and in transition. Lacks strength and physicality to be a post threat – consistently gets out toughed and moved into mid post/15 ft area; earlier in season, would try posting against smaller players but would routinely settle for shots. Likes to use spin move in the post, both as an initial quick move (routinely called for travels) and off the dribble into a jump shot. Has potential leading the break, however, doesn’t really create for others with only 10 assists all season.

Defensively, Preston is extremely lazy and routinely gets picked on – most teams either post Preston up or put him in screens. Preston stands up and bites at everything, trying to body up defenders instead of using his length and engaging his legs/core. In the post, bounces off defenders very easily and rarely attempts to defend the post move. Poor lateral movement, struggles to keep his man in front of him without breaking his hips – does stay well off his man most times to attempt to contain, while using length to disrupt shots. Very lazy off ball defender and swipes too often, however, his length allows him to jab and recover well as a help side defender on half beats. Struggles to get through screens and if man gets positioning on him will simply sit behind him. Length allows him to contest shots, when his hands are up which isn’t very often. Poor rebounder and shot blocker – doesn’t hunt rebounds or fight for positioning.

Preston has potential due to his length and athleticism, but rarely uses them. Instead, Preston shies away from contact as a strict catch and shoot jump shooter who needs his feet set and his teammates to create for him. Preston settles way too much for jump shots – and with poor shooting numbers, doesn’t lend himself to high-leverage usage. Defensively, Preston is a major liability where is effort can be routinely questioned. His background shows that of an elite scorer especially in transition but that has yet to manifest. If Preston can become more aggressive when attacking the basket and more engaged as a defender, he does have some tools to work with.