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Hi there everyone, I finally found a second out of my busy schedule to do some writing again and had to dig into this amazing stuff that Kobe Bryant is doing.

Currently in its second season shared on +ESPN, Kobe literally gets into the video room himself and dissects footage that is going to be relevant forever.

Here is a excerpt of one of last seasons episodes breaking down the defense of Scottie Pippen:

Me being a former Pro and having played just towards the end of the 90s I related to this breakdown so so much and by far its a great lesson for any basketball player that is looking at getting into the game at the next level to check out.

As a consultant what I do most of the times when I work one on one with team coaching staff that want to improve is similar yet the major difference is in the delivery of the footage as well as the insight I provide. Due to the nature of the “detail” I have to share with coaching staff 8 times out of 10 it usually becomes a session where we discuss opponents and their tendencies as well as possible threats that my clients could potentially face in critical games.

Over the last month or so business has been really crazy. I have literally had to do so many opponent breakdowns due to clients requesting to see more and more in-depth and variations of set plays as well as possible player tendencies its taken almost triple the time for me to work things up, on some level I love it but the added requests takes a major toll on my workflow.

Also when it comes to reporting on a team level versus directly cutting into players at such a detailed level there are nuances that need to be taken into account. The very first point is that team play and the way a player falls into context of the team is important to me. I usually have to watch footage a few times to determine how the team sets a play up depending on different angles and situations. Overall my approach stems from first of all watching all defensive possessions my clients are involved in and those that have been unsuccessful specifically so I can get them to pick up the slack quicker.

Working with professional teams and consulting them on nuances that will allow them to changes things up at a very fast pace to rectify any errors they might run into.

A second point I usually have to work around and I consider a speciality for myself is rotational cases and case studies I have faced. Since beginning Advance Pro Basketball back in 2014 one point that I have thrived upon has been my ability to carry over how well I have been able to work out and assist coaching staff’s issues in handling opponents rotations versus how to solve this best with the parts that they have available.

Head coaches usually need to keep focus on the bigger picture of how to get that “W” under their belt the best way that they can. Assistant coaches on the other hand carry a part of the responsibility to keep their eyes and ears open on such details. There is a thin line when it comes to keeping a check on how the opponent reacts versus how the team plays out. Having worked on how NBA teams and how within a shorter span of time such changes really affect outcomes I have been able to translate things to a much more Eurocentric situation to help out my current client base. (for further details about this if you are interested in finding out more please make sure to contact me at

So overall, I have to say, there are differences when it comes to doing detail work the way Kobe does it versus how I have been doing it. Its amazing to see a legend such as him give his perspective and its a chance to for all those to see how a player of his calibre made it to an All-star status throughout such an illustrious career.

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