A Statistical Overview of the 7DAYS EuroCup Quarterfinal Matchups by Nicola Bonafini

On Tuesday the 7DAYS EuroCup playoffs have finally begun.

Nicola Bonafini

As a matter of fact, the competition got into the thick of things with the first games of the quarterfinals playoffs.

After sixteen games, 10 of the group stages and six of the “Top Sixteen” this is the bracket that came out:

ALBA Berlin vs. Unicaja Malaga

LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne vs. MoraBanc Andorra

Valencia Basket vs. Rytas Vilnius

UNICS Kazan vs. Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar


I tried to visualize an advanced statistical comparison of the all eight contenders, using radars and “excel like” data frames.

I also had the idea of going in-depth on the eight teams’ net rating either on 100 possessions as well as the 70 possessions per game. However, I quickly gave up because the discrepancies between teams were too steep to make such an analysis credible. Nevertheless, if someone is interested, I can definitely make a visualization of those.

Just a quick final note. The numbers refer to the whole sixteen games of the regular season. They do not take into account the first playoffs matches played on Tuesday.

Now. On to the “real stuff.”

ALBA Berlin vs. Unicaja Malaga

Alba Berlin vs. Unicaja


This is about an explosive offense versus arguably the best defense in the 7DAYS EuroCup (looking at the figures, at least). ALBA has an edge in the assist/field goal made ratio, and the assist to turnover one that matched to the points per possessions gives the idea of an high-quality-high-volume (76,18 possessions per game) offense. Enhanced also by a better OREB ratio. Unicaja has better EFG and TS%. This may be a very even matchup but if the defense makes you win games… ALBA Berlin has a not-so-overwhelming 110 in defensive rating vs. Unicaja’s 97 (over 100 possessions). The clash of styles between these two teams might be worthy of a more in-depth look starting from Tuesday.

LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne vs. MoraBanc Andorra

Villeurbanne vs. Andorra


LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne seems to have a tough out against MoraBanc Andorra. At least on paper. Having a better offensive efficiency (by a hair…) and DREB% and AST/TO ratio could not save the French team against Andorra, which is better in points per possession and the shooting efficiency department.

Valencia Basket vs. Rytas Vilnius

Valencia vs. Rytas


The numbers tell that Valencia Basket is the best team to have succeeded in the 7Days EuroCup quarterfinals. The Spaniards are better in every statistical department compared to Rytas except for the OREB%. Valencia has the best OFFRTG either at 100, and 70 possessions of all the eight teams and 1.22 points per possession are big time. This is going to be really tough for Rytas Vilnius.

UNICS Kazan vs. Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar

Kazan Vs. Lokomotiv


The Russian derby is the most intriguing of all the four matches. Whoever will come out on the losing side of it will have plenty to regret. The radar visually defines how even is this matchup indeed. There’s only one element that could swing the balance in Lokomotiv’s favor: 91,9 in DEFRTG vs. Kazan’s 97,3. Besides that this looks like a matchup that could go both ways.

By Nicola Bonafini

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