Just a few, quick, notes about the stats provided

• The numbers provided confirm more or less the ranking in the Italian Serie A at the of the first leg of the season (fifteen games and this is the sample I took to develop these stats). Armani Jeans is by far the best team in Italy. This is confirmed by the tape as well as by the numbers provided.
• What strikes out is that A|X is just eleventh in possessions per game, but it’s by far the best in points per possession (1,20). Which means that the team is able to maximize every possession at its best, thanks to better talent, depth across the roster, and control of the boards. That is also confirmed by the Offensive Rating through 100 possessions and 70.
• Umana Reyer defensive rating is striking good. Absolute best in DefRtg either at 100 poss and 70 poss and only one team that goes below 100 and 70, which is impressive.
• To finish up. Having the highest number of possessions per game doesn’t mean being the best team in the pool. As opposite. Vuelle Pesaro averages 79,5 possessions per game, but its net rating is dreadful, and the team is the worst in the Assist- to – turnover ratio too. Pesaro’s lousy defense and inability to move the ball effectively on offense can also be confirmed by watching the tape too.

Nicola is a journalist by profession yet his basketball intelligence across Europe has been well established and his analysis deserves attention!


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