7Days EuroCup Video Analysis for Andorra vs. Kazan by Deleon Hines

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Scoring at the EUROLEAGUE LEVEL by DELEON HINES


Deleon HinesI have prepared this report was prepared from the view point of a member of the Andorra coaching staff. The information and video in this report would be used to help prepare for the upcoming Quarter-final EuroCup match against UNICS KAZAN. This scouting report is designed to be studied by the players and the staff as a means of preparation for the game. While the offensive and defensive tendencies report is more so for the coaching staff, players should focus their concentration on the “Key Players” section to better familiarize themselves with the opposing personnel and the player or players that they may be guarding. The video attached will illustrate some of the points made in the report as well as provide a visual of player & team tendencies.

Offensive Tendencies


As a unit this team is not very aggressive, organized, or methodical in transition. Henry, Smith, McCollum, and Crockett will look to push and make plays themselves in the open floor but the team as a whole doesn’t seem to prioritize running for lay-ups on misses. They will take early three’s if they are available so be ready to close out.

Stop ball EARLY (especially when the afore mentioned are leading the break) / Talk / Match up

Early Offense:

In their early offense UNK likes to use the drag ball screen from the trailing big to try & get their guards downhill where they excel at making plays for themselves & others. Henry will also wave everyone off for an ISO if he feels he can take advantage of his defender. *note: he often feels this way.

Talk / See man & ball / Be ready to defend the Side P&R

Pick & Roll (“P&R”):

UNK generates a lot of their offense out of the P&R. Their guards are crafty ball handlers and do a good job of taking advantage of switches as well as finding open players in the pick and roll game. UNK uses both middle and side pick and rolls with equality. They’ll use a lot of false action to get to an empty side P&R or bring a guard from the wing or block to the middle of the floor for the high P&R. Henry, McCollum, and Smith are capable but reluctant passers in the screen and roll.

ICE or TRAP all P&R situations-force the others to make decisions and plays.

Half Court Offense:

In the half court UNK plays pretty loose. ISO’s, & the pick and roll are how they score. Henry, Smith, and McCollum have the ball in their hands most of the game and their teammates do a good job and are comfortable playing off of them. They will run some sets but they kind of go through the motions until they get to either the ISO or P&R in which the play was designed for. They have size & activity inside but their perimeter players win games. This is really good offensive rebounding team and they shoot over 35% as a team from behind the arc.

Talk early & often / be ready to defend P&R / contain ball handlers / BOX OUT


Will line in 4 across & set screens for Smith to come off & shoot the 3. Also run a back screen play for a lob attempt for Carmichael Jr.

Switch 1-4 and be ready to defend the P&R after the ball is inbounded.


In these situations UNK will sometimes set a back screen for Carmichael Jr looking to get a play at the rim or they’ll spread it out go straight pick and roll most times with Henry or McCollum.

Protect the rim first / be ready to defend the P&R

Defensive Tendencies


This team is very active and unpredictable defensively. The guards at times can be pests and disruptive. They like to challenge ball handlers by picking them up right at half court and applying heavy ball pressure. This is a switching team! They may start out switching or may emergency switch right in the middle of a play. They’ve been pretty good at jumping in passing lanes as well. Despite their activity and willingness to switch they aren’t a very productive defensive team and with discipline and awareness can be taken advantage of.


This team defends with a lot of activity & intensity, particularly on the perimeter.


They are not very deep on the inside & don’t defend in transition well.

Pick & Roll / DHO’s / X’s:

UNK likes to switch on all of these actions. If they don’t switch the P&R they like to trap it if it’s in a trapping area or show and recover.

Look to exploit mismatches out the switches /Swing the ball to the weak side when they show and recover (bigs are slow to get back in position)

Post Defense:

Pretty physical team on the low block. Carmichael Jr. is a bruiser and Ejim is far from a push over. Not a big time shot blocking team, Carmichael Jr. does most of their shot blocking but the team only averages just over 2 a game. When they get caught on a switch the guards will fight pretty hard to front the post but the back side help is inconsistent for the most part.

What it takes to WIN:

Defend the pick & roll

Box out first then REBOUND

Attack them in transition

Force the ball out of Henry & McCollum’s hands’ as often as possible-Make the others beat you

20 Assists/ 20 Rim Attempts / 20 Free Throws

Key Players

#3 M. Ejim F 2.01- 5PPG 3RPG

Plays 18 feet & in.

Plays with a lot of energy & athleticism

Active around the glass, especially offensively

He is an “other” make him make decisions & plays with the ball in his hands

#49 P. Henry G 1.93- 13PPG 6APG

Aggressive scoring guard on all three levels

Sees the floor & passes well

Good in the P&R.

Deny him the ball & trap him in the P&R

#4 T. Lockett G 1.96- 8PPG 4RPG

Aggressive in the open floor

Likes to attack off the bounce in the half court

Good rebounder from the guard spot BOX HIM OUT

#15 J. Smith G 1.91- 12PPG 45%3FG

Drives either direction

Likes the pull up jump shot in ISO

Comes of screens looking to shoot the 3

Know where he is at all times

Force the ball out of his hands in P&R situations

#6 E. McCollum G 1.88- 12PPG 3APG

Solid all around player-scores in several ways

Aggressive in the P&R & open floor

Scores at all three levels

Will drive all the way going right-Pull up jumper going left

Force the ball out of his hands in P&R situations

#5 M. Ndour F 2.06 11PPG

Plays with a lot of energy & athleticism

Often times is the screener in P&R action-Pops & Rolls

Will space out for catch & shoot midrange jumpers-Has not made a 3

He is an “other” make him make plays & decisions with the ball in his hands

#7 A. Ponkrashov F 2.00- 5PPG 55%FT

Will attack the rim in transition

They will run the ISO play for him to post smaller wings

He is an “other” force him to make plays & decisions with the ball in his hands

#17 J. Carmichael Jr. F 2.06- 9PPG 3RPG

Physical inside presence

Best rim protector

Catches & finishes drop off & lob passes well

Rolls almost every time in P&R situations

He is an “other” force him to make plays & decisions with the ball in his hands


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