7Days EuroCup ASVEL vs. ULM analysis by Deleon Hines

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Scoring at the EUROLEAGUE LEVEL by DELEON HINES


Deleon HinesI have prepared this report was prepared from the view point of a member of the ASVEL Basket coaching staff. The information and video in this report would be used to help prepare for the upcoming Quarter-final EuroCup match against ULM. This scouting report is designed to be studied by the players and the staff as a means of preparation for the game. While the offensive and defensive tendencies report is more so for the coaching staff, players should focus their concentration on the “Key Players” section to better familiarize themselves with the opposing personnel and the player or players that they may be guarding. The video attached will illustrate some of the points made in the report as well as provide a visual of player & team tendencie


PPG 83

APG 15

RPG 36


2PA 42

2P% 50

3PA 23

3P% 33

FTA 23

FT% 78


TOV 14

Fouls Committed per game 24 leads the league

Offensive Tendencies


Not very much happening in transition for this club. Miller and Green will push for Rim Attempts in the open floor when they’re available but the team doesn’t seem to prioritize getting out for easy and early shot attempts. They do run with good spacing in transition and may shoot early if it’s wide open.

Stop ball EARLY / Talk / Match up


Early Offense:

In their early offense ULM likes to use the drag ball screen from the trailing big usually when Miller is bringing the ball up. He’ll look to turn the corner and get down hill. He may take the 15 footer but not much of a three-point threat in these instances. ULM fills the lane well and usually starts their offense with good space, Miller will hit an open shooter if the defense collapses.

Talk / See man & ball / Be ready to defend the P&R

Pick & Roll (“P&R)

ULM uses the pick and roll to create drive and kick situations. None of the guards are big time shooters or very crafty in the P&R. They space well and make quick decisions after the ball is passed out of the P&R. They most often use the P&R after the play has broken down.

ICE or Go Under & Shadow them in P&R situations

Half Court Offense:

They are similar to LOK in the half court in that they are constantly cutting or screening. They do a decent job of reading the defense & adjusting how they come off of screens. There’s very little dribbling or standing in their half court offense. They like to set pin downs and pop for an open three. Will also use a lot of back and flare screens. Like to drive draw the defense and kick.

Talk early & often / contain ball handlers / Soft close outs with high hands / BOX OUT

*make them make jump shots


Usually 4 across looking for shooters coming off pin downs or flare screens for open shots in BOB situations. Will go into a dribble weave action on SOB’s looking either for a shooter on a flare screen or into a middle P&R situation.

Talk on screens / High hand Close Outs


ULM likes to use motion and screening action to try and find a quick look for a shooter. Evans seems to find wide open shots in these situations, particularly EOC. They also tend to spread it and let Miller make a play using the P&R.

Defensive Tendencies


A solid defensive team, they don’t give up an exceptional amount of points and have done a good job defending the paint as well as three point line on average.


They are each willing to defending several positions for the most part, which helps them when they switch defensively. Defensive rebound well by committee.


They do not transition from offense to defense well and they lead the league in fouls committed per game. Be aggressive for 40 minutes, ESPECIALLY in transition.

Pick & Roll / DHO’s / X’s:

ULM will use a variety of coverages for the P&R but most often they’ll switch or pin and go under. They tend to fight through all other screens.

Look to exploit mismatches out the switches / Attack them off the dribble

Post Defense:

Good size and active defensively on the low post. They trust their post defenders one on one and play behind the post. A foul prone team so be strong and aggressive in that area and good things should happen.

What it takes to WIN:

Communicate EVERYTHING (they move & screen A LOT)

Box out first then REBOUND (12 ORPG)

Attack attack attack them in transition

Make them shoot and make 3’s

20 Assists/ 20 Rim Attempts / 20 Free Throws

Key Players

#8 I.Akpinar G 1.93- 11PPG

Spends most of his time off ball

Moves well around the arc w/o ball

Likes to catch & shoot or straight line drive right

Can be TO prone as a ball handler (over 2 TO’s per game) apply pressure

#3 D. Evans F 2.01- 9PPG 6RPG

Active on the Offensive glass

Likes to pop for 3’s after setting pin downs

Rolls & seals hard in the P&R


Force him left on the perimeter & over his right shoulder in the post

#42 I. Fotu F 2.03- 9PPG 5RPG

Get his hands on a lot of offensive rebounds (3 per game)

Screens & Rolls hard


#5 J. Green F 1.96- 14PPG 5RPG 2SPG

Very active in the passing lanes

Strong and super athletic straight line right driver

Effective catch & shoot player behind the 3

Know where he is at all times

Force him left

Pick him up EARLY in transition

#2 P. Miller G 1.84- 13.5PPG 4APG

Primary ball handler

Aggressive in the open floor

Finishes in traffic off of 2 feet (watch for pump fakes)

Force the ball out of his hands in P&R situations or go under & contain

Not a 3 point threat (24%3FG)

#1 K. Reinhardt G 1.95- 7PPG

Comes off the bench & provides a good scoring punch

Does best work inside the 3

Really good FT shooter

#7 R. Thompson F 1.98 7PPG 4RPG

Comes off the bench & gives solid minutes

Pretty good rebounder in his area

Best work done inside 15 feet

Not a 3 point threat


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