Lokomotif Kuban Krasnador vs. LDLC Asvel Villuerbanne – a full scale analysis by Deleon Hines

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Scoring at the EUROLEAGUE LEVEL by DELEON HINES

Dear Followers, Deleon has been tirelessly working on providing us overwhelming insight and yet again here is a new posting from him taking on another amazing matchup that takes place tomorrow:

Deleon Hines

I have prepared this report was prepared from the view point of a member of the ASVEL Basket coaching staff. The information and video in this report would be used to help prepare for the upcoming Top 16 Eurocup match against LOKOMOTIV Kuban. This scouting report is designed to be studied by the players and the staff as a means of preparation for the game. While the offensive and defensive tendencies report is more so for the coaching staff, players should focus their concentration on the “Key Players” section to better familiarize themselves with the opposing personnel and the player or players that they may be guarding.

Offensive Tendencies


This team is not over aggressive about getting out in transition. They will take advantage of transition opportunities when they are available but they do not force the issue. When they do run, they’ll look to score at the rim first, then from the outside if nothing is available at the rim.

Stop ball / Talk / Match up

Early Offense:

Despite not being a really big transition team the LOK club does a good job of getting into their offense or half court attack at good pace. They often initiate their offense with a double high ball screen or a pistol action with low cross screens for a post touch. They will look to post guards & forwards. They space the floor & pass really well!

Talk / See man & ball

Pick & Roll (“P&R”):

LOK operates out of the P&R quite often & they are highly successful in it. They read, make the correct decision, and pass really well out of the P&R. When PG #13 Khvostov is the ball handler he likes to try to turn the corner to make plays for others but can also shoot behind the screen if the defense goes under. #15 Whitehead and #22 Kulagin are also frequent ball handlers in the P&R game and are both aggressive scorers and willing passers out of the P&R game.

ICE side pick & rolls-Go under & shadow middle pick & rolls

Half Court Offense:

This team operates very well in the half court. They never seem to be in a rush but always play with good pace making quick decisions. They do a good job of creating plays within their plays, they do so by always having good space & keeping good ball & body movement. They are very unselfish and don’t mind turning down a good shot for a great shot. They tend to be very selective about taking three-pointers, but when they do they make them at a high rate (41.75%). Also a REALLY GOOD offensive rebounding team, you must block out & secure the rebound before you run.

Talk early & often / See man & ball / Box out & rebound before running in transition.

*May be beneficial to switch 1-4 to prevent get caught on slice cuts & flare screens.


LOK is fine with just getting the ball in and going into their normal half court offense on in bound situations, both baseline and sideline. Their baseline formation is usually a 4 across set in which they bring a post player down ball side for a quick post and a shooter and the in bounder will come off screens looking for a shot. If they have nothing they go immediately into their offense or reset for a middle pick and roll.

Switch 1-4 and be ready to defend the P&R after the ball is inbounded.


A very poised team in these situations, the clock nor defense ever seems to speed them up in these situations. Most often during these times they go side or Middle P&R with #22 Kulagin or #15 Whitehead.

Defensive Tendencies


A solid and disciplined defensive team all around. They understand what they are giving up and what they are trying to take away. They don’t bail opponents out with bad fouls and they do a good job of contesting jump shots without fouling. A very good defensive rebounding team, all five players will crash the defensive glass.


This team defends the paint really well. They keep opponents free-throw attempts to a minimum. They defensive rebound by committee.


They will give up good looks from the outside. Their interior players are not elite shot blockers. They give little resistance to post play.

Pick & Roll / DHO’s / X’s:

Guards will go over or under the ball screen depending on personnel and the big always low shadows, sometimes never leaving the paint.

Be ready to shoot off the pick / Attack the big / hit the roll/pop guy to force the big to close out & defend

They slide under & stay with their man on DHO’s and fight through all other screens. The player defending the screener will help and recover.

Post Defense:

This team prefers to play behind the post and gives high hands on the shot attempt. Guards seldom dig down to help and the post defenders rarely leave their feet to challenge shots. Not very physical as far as trying to dislodge players off the block.


  • Take care of the basketball
  • Box out first then REBOUND
  • Be ready & shoot with confidence
  • Capitalize on their turnovers- PUSH IT
  • 20 Assists/ 20 Rim Attempts / 20 Free Throws

Key Players

#25 J. Johnson F 2.08- 9.3PPG 4.8RPG

  • Operates all over the floor.
  • Likes the turn around jump shot over either shoulder in the low & mid post areas.
  • Will stretch out & shoot from behind the arc.

#15 I. Whitehead G 1.91- 12.6PPG 40%3FG

  • Aggressive scoring guard.
  • Scores at all three levels.
  • Good in the P&R.
  • Going left pull up-Going right all the way.

#3 D. Wright F 1.98- 10.7PPG 49%3FG

  • Jump SHOOTER-off the dribble & catch & shoot.
  • Don’t leave him / Keep a hand in his shooting pocket when he has the ball

#1 J. McLean F 2.02- 10.4PPG 5RPG

  • Functions best in the low & mid post areas
  • Strong inside finisher
  • Likes to play with his back to the basket & bang his defender (Bully ball)
  • Loves to go RIGHT, RIGHT & more RIGHT

#22 D. Kulagin G 1.98- 12PPG 36.7%3FG 95.5%FT

  • Most versatile player
  • Aggressive in the P&R
  • Will post smaller defenders
  • Drives both directions
  • Scores at all three levels

#13 D. Khvostov G 1.90- 6.4PPG 47.1%3FG

  • Pass first PG
  • Always under control / handles pressure well
  • Primary ball handler when he’s in / likes to run sets
  • Really good catch & shoot 3 point shooter

#20 M. Ponitka F 1.97- 10.1PPG 38.5%3FG

  • Likes to post up / play with back to basket
  • Good catch & shoot 3 point shooter
  • Moves well w/o the ball
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