Partizan vs. Rytas Vilnius a full scale analysis by Deleon Hines

Copy of Copy of Copy of Scoring at the EUROLEAGUE LEVEL by DELEON HINES

Deleon a master at uncovering great stuff through the lens of not just a coach but a full scale amazing video expert, took on one of the top matchups of the 7Days EuroCup top 16 round.

This matchup will take place on the 2nd of January and before the new year Deleon has been amazing in delivering a full scale analysis.


Deleon Hines

I have prepared this report was prepared from the view point of a member of the Partizan NIS club. The information and video in this report would be used to help prepare for the upcoming Top 16 Eurocup match against Rytas Vilnius. This scouting report is designed to be studied by the players and the staff. While the offensive and defensive tendencies report is more so for the coaching staff, players should focus their concentration on the “Key Players” section to better familiarize themselves with the opposing personnel and the player or players that they may be guarding.

 Offensive Tendencies


A team with a crafty G (#11 Seeley) and wings and forwards that will run the lanes hard for early shots (3’s or lay-ups).

Anyone that rebounds will lead the fast break & the others will fill the lanes accordingly.

Stop ball / Talk / Match up EARLY


This team uses the P&R action often in the 1/2 court & to initiate their secondary offense as well & overall do a good job of creating open shots, particularly 3s when using the P&R.

As the primary ball handlers, #11 Seely likes to get downhill on the P&R & does a good job of finding open teammates. #6 Stipcevic likes to look for the 3 pointer in P&R action.

Be aware of coverages & defensive calls & be ready to CLOSE OUT to shooters with HIGH HANDS

Early Offense:

Looking to score transition points first from anywhere on the floor

Early offense usually starts w/ a drag screen from the trailing big or pistol & weave action.

Bigs must be ready to defend P&R early in the shot clock

Half Court:

Not very structured as far as running sets in the half court

Will run quick hitters to get open shots for #6 Stipcevic & #18 Girdziunas & post touches for #2 Sutton & #14 Echodas.

Often break away from sets to play freelance dribble drive & kick offense

Like to settle for the 3 pointers, especially at the end of the shot clock

You must CLOSE OUT hard with HIGH HANDS & don’t OVER HELP


Like to set double screens for shooters & go immediately into P&R if the shot is available

Active hands on the in bounder & make the 1st catch hard

ATO’s / EOQ / EOG:

Will go middle P&R with #11 Seeely or #6 Stipcevic OR look to get a low post touch for #2 Sutton or #14 Echodas

DON’T bail them out with end of clock fouls, stay solid & force tough jump shots.

Defensive Tendencies


A team that is looking for the first opportunity to finish a defensive possession. Would rather get a steal than play a true defensive possession.


They do a good job of playing passing lanes and anticipating passes.


They don’t transition from offense to defense well on made or missed shots

-Look to push for transition baskets

Not a strong offensive rebounding team

-All 5 crash the DEFENSIVE rebounds & outlet QUICK for opportunities at “easy” baskets.

They lack rim protection & size in the front court

-Post up & attack the rim for uncontested lay-ups &/or fouls

P&R / DHO’s / X’s:

Hard hedges in Big-Small P&R

-Look to slip screens or hit the shakeup.

-Guards can also stretch the hedge to force a switch or long rotations for the defense. Red

They like to slide & go under DHO’s

They will normally stay with their man on X’s

Post Defense:

Will play behind on the post with digging & swiping the from guards

Not very strong or big down low, should be able to get deep post touches

-Cut hard / relocate on post entries

**added veteran center Artsiom Parakhouski 8PPG 4RPG & 1BPG in 30 Euroleague games.


PACE / Push it with the PASS

Guards advance the ball w/ a pass & get it back if nothing transpires in transition

Crash defensive glass & RUN

Close out HARD with HIGH HANDS

20 Assists / 20 Rim Attempts / 20 Free Throws

Key Players

**Guard / Forward: #11 Dennis Seeley: 11.8PPG 3.5APG 1.8SPG

WANTS TO DRIVE!!! Seeley is very well rounded ball player with a tight handle on the ball & very crafty w/ dribble moves & finishes. He does most of his scoring inside the 3 point line where his is shooting 51.5%. Seeley has really good court vision & does an exceptional job of finding open players especially in transition and off the pick & roll. He’s averaging just over three 3-point attempts a game & shooting just 20.6% from behind the line. He is a smart defender that uses his length & IQ to jump in passing lanes for steals & deflections.

Stop him early in transition. Go under & force him to shoot jump shots in the P&R. Stay home on shooters when he drives, make him a finisher.

**Forward: #2 Dominique Sutton: 11.2PPG 5.2RPG 1.9SPG

Sutton is a strong & super athletic forward that thrives in the open floor & around the basket. He likes to play with his back to the basket using his strength to overpower taller players and his athleticism to finish over the top of players his size & smaller most times over his left shoulder. Crashes the boards hard & will lead the break with the dribble. Not a very good decision maker, averages nearly 3 turnovers a game.

Put a body on him when the shot goes up. Make post catches hard & force him left on the dribble drive. Not a good shooter, close out short & be ready to defend his post up.

**Guard: #6 Rok Stipcevic: 11.3PPG 34.8%3FG

SHOOTER!!! Stipcevic is looking to make 3s! He’s shot twice as many 3s as he has 2s in his 4 prior Eurocup games with Rytas.

Apply heavy ball pressure when he has the ball in his hands and CLOSE OUT HARD with HIGH HANDS.

**Center: #14 Martynas Echodas 10.5PPG 5.2RPG 63.8%2FG

Echodas is solid offensive player from the low block out to the free-throw line. Really good hands in the P&R game & around the rim. Uses good shot selection, soft touch, & a variety of post moves to score in his areas. Runs the floor well in offensive transition & a pretty good passer out of the post.

Be physical with him & stay down on his post fakes.

**Guard: #18 Mindaugas Girdziunas: 9.3PPG 46.4%3FG

SHOOTER!!! Girdziunas is one of their primary ball handlers when he comes in and he is only looking to do one thing, make 3s. He plays with good energy on both ends & is very active. He doesn’t care to dribble drive but can be tricky with his finishes around the rim. At the end of clock situations he likes to take pull up jump shots.

Keep a hand in his shooting pocket. Find him early in transition. Go over the top of screens and stay connected to his hip.

**Forward: #22 Eimantas Bendzius: 9.7PPG 35.2%3FG

SHOOTER!!! Comes in off the bench and plays his role. Not very active on either side of the rebounding but spaces the floor well and is a good catch & shoot player.

Be conscious of where he is on the floor. Close out hard with high hands & force him to put the ball on the floor.

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