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Charting Intangibles – How to use advanced metrics to do this?

As a former analyst and as a current consultant working a very niche field I ever so often hear that analytics is counting too many things but you can not measure certain things.

Well people, I don’t disregards this one bit but lets be frank, basketball is not an individual sport it’s a team game and to that end there are elements I frankly do my best to take into account. COURT VISION, PERIPHERAL VISION and the good old STANCE (offensive and defensively) are some top intangibles I love to take into account. How do I watch all these? Well surprise surprise courtside or while video analyzing games on end to see if players listen to triggers from the sideline.

There are tons of advanced stats that are tracked by FIBA standards these days so that’s a good thing and that can be tracked all the way down to the boiling point during one possession but the above are about how players really approach, focus and are coachable on the court under pressure.

I have this amazingly good working system where I grade players from 5 to 1, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst while I watch these three criteria and evaluate them. I also cross match the output scores to their USAGE rates Player Efficiency Ratings of any given advanced metric to fall or compare back on.

My honest opinion would definitely be making sure that you cross reference at least three advanced metrics that you can calculate well or that you get out put for when logging games through any system so you have clear and reliable evidence that you can share and pass on.

For those that have been following us at Advance Pro Basketball, we have done issues of infographics that are on the site, well think of it like this when we deliver files to clients we use a similar looking outlook and this in turn allows assistant and head coaching staff to communicate to their players based on how much harder they can be pushed or simply be more team oriented.

One fun way to always chart intangibles is cross referencing them further to shot chart outputs players come up with or defensive assignments they play against and again mapping them on a shot chart. This gives very clear evidence of your own player tendencies on either end of the court and to where they generally try to push their opponents or are comfortable taking shots from.

I hope that this insight has helped explain some needed insight into how you potentially can start looking into making use of intangibles. Its always good to note that sample size is important. A game of PER 36 minute case accumulated over 5 or 6 games is different to game data that is gathered across half a season.


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