Exclusive Insight – Arda Demirbağ (Turkish Basketball Men’s National Team Assistant Coach) About video analysis (An Introduction)


Over the next months Advance Pro Basketball will be taking on guest contributors about topics that all of you are interested in and provide insight on a higher level. To begin the series Arda Demirbağ, the Turkish National Men’s Basketball Team lead assistant coach and right hand man to Ufuk Sarıca whom has been with Coach Sarıca for numerous years kicks off our insight series… We hope it sheds light on some of your needs…

For those of you that are seeking more info directly about Arda please check out his twitter account where he is active.

Arda Demirbağ


In this age we are living, every day we might face different advancements. Depending on which job you are working, people are following the developments of their business area in order to be more successful in their job and also to be more efficient while working. For us coaches, especially assistant coaches, the more time consuming activity mainly is the video analysis. Through these analyzes we are able to uncover both our team’s and opponent team’s many positive and negative actions that help us be advantageous in the game we play. Especially in today’s basketball where even 1 point is very important, we aim to get at an advantageous status by knowing the opponent team’s offensive and defensive characteristics, their player’s characteristics and our own team’s game layouts.

Preparing a video analysis can show differences as duration. Firstly coach’s requests are very important. Every coach may have different demands. Especially if you are working in the European Basketball with a three-day match pace, you have to finish the analysis within 48 hours. For example if you have a European game on Wednesday, the analysis should be ready on Monday and on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday you need to complete the analysis of the weekend National League game. Because on Thursday everything you want to present to your team should be ready. However if there is still time to the game, with a smooth programming and meeting order, we can make the related arrangements in longer time. When we have limited time between two games, we try to reach our aim by giving few and important information. In a longer period we might analyze in more details the opponent team.

In the analysis, the teams usually foreground the opponent’s game layout and player’s characteristics. But to that, you can also add opponent team’s defense strategy. The analyses are not made only regarding the opponents. We try to contribute to our team by preparing an analysis that includes good and bad offenses and defenses from the last game or the sets that were well played or offenses and defenses that we couldn’t make. In this way, while our team gets positive and negative information about itself, at the same time it can have information about the opponent. The analysis usually is based on the last games you have played. However if you have played against that opponent previously, that game is also very important. If there are matches they lost, sometimes you have to go back a few weeks to retrieve data you can use on your study.

With technological improvements the materials to be used on analyzes increased. Lots of networks are used to find the game’s videos. In addition there are pc applications to cut and put together those videos and statistical data programs to use when simplifying the analysis. Once we receive all this data, the message to give should be very simple and should support all the statistics behind. This study can be forwarded to the whole team. Thus, everyone can get ready to the next game not only during the working hours but also during the social time.

As the video analysis is a study which you can go into so many details, there isn’t any wrong or right. Each coach establishes his own order. With a work discipline, the coach proceeds in the way he believes in. To summarize, the most important thing is to be able to give the most correct information in the best summary, in the shortest possible time.


I’d like to thank Arda for his valuable time that he spent in writing up his introduction post. We hope to get further insight from him in the following weeks with more example and a bit more detail…


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