Euroleague Round 13 – Darussafaka vs. Zalgiris by Deleon Hines

Our Dearest Deleon, has done yet another amazing job in adding more in depth insight into his posts and here is a result of it.  A matchup report for Darussafaka whom will be playing against Zalgiris Kaunas shortly.

Deleon Hines

This report is a prototype of a scouting report that I would prepare for an upcoming opponent. This report includes two videos, one video, the opponent video is intended to highlight not only points discussed in the report but, also give insight to other factors that can be used to better prepare for the opponent, factors such as the teams size, body language, and coach influence in various situations. The other video is designed to show examples of what it would take to beat the opponent from the perspective of the team in which the report was prepared for, in this case for the Euroleague club Darussafaka Tekfen of Istanbul. The text will discuss the preferred playing style of the opponent, their tendencies on both the offensive and defensive end as well as an overview of some of their key players. Along with the brief on the opposing team is a brief on how Darussafaka might look to attack and defend and best utilize their strengths in the upcoming game against Euroleague opponent Zalgiris of Lithuania.

About the Opponent: Zalgiris enters the game averaging a 6th best 83.03 points per game (PPG). While they are currently in the bottom half of the standings, this is a formidable opponent and as their scoring average suggest, they are very capable of “Scoring in Bunches.” They do a good job of sticking to their style of play, and they are persistent and dedicated to imposing their will opponents. Zalgiris has a solid roster with good size at every position and their pieces fit well for the way that they play.

Team Stats: PPG 83. APG 18. RPG 34 2FG% 54.5. 3FG% 39. FT% 80 SPG 5. BPG 1.3. TOPG 13.8.

Preferred Playing Style: Run and Gun. Zalgiris likes to play at a fast pace. They run on most missed shots and even made shots looking for either an open three-pointer or a play at the rim. They are not prejudice to the mid range game either, the guards, particularly #3 N. Wolters and #9 L. Westermann will pull up for free-throw line jumpers in transition and semi-transition. They want to play fast, and will play fast however they don’t take many “bad” shots.

Offensive Tendencies: When they are in the half court, Zalgiris maintains a good pace as they progress through their offense always looking to force tempo. They cut, sprint to screens, and post up hard. They keep it fairly simple with their offensive sets and often use their guards to get downhill and make plays for themselves and others using the ball screen or 1 on1 moves to beat their defender. When they aren’t playing in the open court, Zalgiris also really likes to play from the post or get into some type of ball screen action, especially late in the shot clock. When playing from the post, they do a good job of scoring and passing using their big guards or one of their key players, #0 B. Davies. He and guard #9 L. Westermann are pretty effective from the low post area.

Defensive Tendencies: Zalgiris plays defense with enthusiasm and good effort. They communicate well and are always active. Often times on makes and misses they will pick up full court man to man and/or trap the first pass with the big man. In big to small pick and rolls they tend to hard hedge and use the weak side corner defender to cover the roll man until the big hedging is able to recover. In small on small or big on big pick and roll situations they will often switch. They rebound by committee, meaning their guards like to fly in and grab rebounds, to help start the break quicker.

Key Players:

#0 B. Davies- C 2.08 15.8PPG 5.8RPG

-Good hands and feet around the rim to catch and finish

-Aggressive from the low post area, series of moves but prefers to finish over his     left shoulder

-Willing and able mid-range jump shooter

-Be physical, force tough catches and send him left.

#3 N. Wolters- G 1.93 14.3PPG 5.6APG

-Excels in the P/R game getting to the paint making plays

-Aggressive off the dribble drive going either direction

-Will raise up for jump shots comfortably in the mid range area

-Force him to shoot contested jump shots & attack him on the defensive end

#9 L. Westermann- G 1.98 5.6PPG 48% 3FG

-Big guard, likes to play from the post

-Really good shooter when his feet are set

-Force him to defend in closeout situations

Attacking Zalgiris: Darussafaka should look to utilize their elite shot blocking and rebounding to create fast break opportunities leading to more easy baskets. In the half court they have spurts under new head coach Selcuk Ernak of good execution and other times they’ve been 3-4 seconds too slow in getting into the offense. This increase in pace will prevent the ball from sticking on one side of the floor or in one persons hands too long, and keep them from having to play against the shot clock. Zalgiris is a foul prone team and they do not defend aggressive drives to the rim well. Toney Douglas, Ray Mccallum, and Markel Brown should be able to get down hill in close out situations to make plays for teammates and themselves, but the ball must move.

  • Play with pace

  • Push for easy baskets on blocked shots and misses

  • Move the ball from side to side

  • Attack the rim

Defending Zalgiris: Darussafaka will want to make it a point to first keep Zalgiris out of transition. They have the luxury of big time shot blockers Jeremy Evans and Michael Eric to protect the rim in the half court and high level perimeter defenders Toney Douglas and Markel Brown should be able to neutralize the Zalgiris guard play. It may not be a bad idea to consider switching on everything except the center position, the personnel and size of Darussafaka compared to that of Zalgiris and their play style maybe an ideal situation to switch at multiple positions.

  • Get back on missed shots (for sure 2 maybe 3 defenders)

  • Contain dribble drive

  • Communicate at all times

**Stats gathered from &

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