RD 11 Matchup Preview – FC Bayern Munich vs Khimki Moscow by Deleon Hines

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Khimki will go into this round 11 match on a 3 game win streak, the last win was without leading scorer Alexey Shved (23.5PPG), whom they will be without for the next month as he heals from a broken finger. Without Shved Khimki still, with their depth scored 85 points. Unselfishness & the three ball have been a catalyst in the last three Khimki wins. The unselfishness starts with coach Bartzokas & how he’s shared both minutes & shot opportunities with his roster. Coach Bartzokas often plays his whole roster with 8 players or more often times playing more than 15 minutes. Khimki is averaging just over 26 3PA per game & making them at a 36% clip. Combine the efficiency at which they’re shooting from behind the arc with their 26 assists a game & it’s no surprise that Khimki has won they’re last three matches.

Keys to Victory vs Bayern:

Without their leading scorer Khimki will look to spread his 23 points around throughout the roster. American imports Charles Jenkins & Mickey Jordan, along with Serbian guard Stefan Markovic should benefit the most offensively from the absence of Shved and veteran sharp shooter Tony Crocker is due for a breakout game from behind the arc. While it may look different or be a little less exciting to watch, I think the style of play of Khimki will be enough to again reach the 80 + point
mark against a Bayern Munich defense & ultimately enough to push their win streak to four.

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Bayern Munich:

Bayern enters round 11 having lost 2 of their last 3 games & would love nothing more than to come out of round 11 with a win. Despite Khimki being my pick between the two, this is a very winnable game for Bayern Munich. Their biggest problem has been generating enough offensive possessions & shot attempts to put themselves in position to win. The team is shooting 52% from the field on right at 20 assists per outing, but averaging just 42 FGA over the last three ball games. The win in the middle of the last three came on a night in which they practically didn’t miss shooting 63% from 2 & 48% from 3.

Keys to victory vs Khimki:

Success for Bayern Munich will depend heavily on how well they’re able to defend the three point line & whether or not they can reach 80. The club is 3-1 when they score 80 or more but are averaging under 75 in their last 3 outings. If the can run Khimki off the 3 point line & force highly contested 3 point attempts Bayern will give themselves an opportunity to win. I don’t anticipate that they’ll play any faster than they have been & will therefore need to be very efficient with their shooting in order to generate enough offense to win. They will lean on American forward Derrick Williams, Lucic Vladimir, & the young German guard Lo, Maodo who should be eager for a good game after coming up small in last weeks blow out loss to Maccabi Tel Aviv.

About the author:

Deleon Hines

My name is Deleon Hines. I have 3 years of FIBA experience, 2 as an American import player & 1 as a volunteer assistant coach all in the Luxembourg Total League. Since leaving Europe I’ve worked in the G-League & at the university level specializing primarily in video coordinating & analysis & player skill development. In my approach to coaching I rely on my ability to relate & connect to players to effectively transfer team goals & philosophies. I admire the European style of play for its unselfishness & fundamental skill level at every position. It is my belief that mixing this combination of European characteristics with the pace, skill & world class athleticism of the American game & we get something like what we’ve seen from the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks & Philadelphia 76ers this season. In my opinion this style of play is very hard to defend & at the same time allows the player freedom necessary to for the game to be fun. Basketball is a passion & I am always looking to evolve, the FIBA game has become a headquarters for innovation & trends particularly in half court offense. This posting & those that follow are insights & opinions of mine & are based solely on my interpretation & perspective of the game. Thanks for reading.