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Muhaymin Mustafa Still a draft pick?


Muhaymin Mustafa of Tofaş Bursa courtersy of Tofaş Bursa


Hi there everyone, originally I did a piece about this young fella last year on and have been tracking him since than. Its been an interesting season so far and work has been crazy, watching games on site and videos on a constant basis is what the life of a consultant plainly is.

I recently came across an old article about the young 20 year old that had been developing at Anadolu Efes (shipped off to Tofaş Bursa due to a change in the organization) here is the link to the article about Muhaymin Mustafa stating a simple yet effective case that is put forward that this young gentleman is ready to enter the NBA Draft.

While this 20 year old fella currently played the most minutes behind Luca Doncic last season according to Euroleague stats provided by here is a look at Muhaymin’s overbasket profile

Here are his stats for the current season courtesy of

The Argument

To me as a long time scout watching young players developing across Europe, constantly keeping an eye on Euroleague level talent, Muhaymin has many plus points (mostly physical rather than related to his game — for his age and body type he is fast enough but not the most of his team, his lack in terms of intangibles is too obvious). The fact that without any college experience international talent such as this fine specimen usually get NT exposure as well as instant club experience is a major plus however the most international scouts (not no name any names) tend to over looks the fact that hard workers such as Muhaymin usually don’t get enough face time or limelight during critical games. In relative comparison to his peers with similar skills playing Div. 1 ball in the NCAA usually average way much more time on the court and end up playing in front of massive crowds day in and day out racking up much more valuable time in my opinion.

Does this effect this kid’s draft stock? To me it definitely does. There is no replacement for college level game play and speed, with that said, talent that comes in the form of Muhaymin usually lack one or more points that needs to be made up somehow.

Here is a look at some of the possessions offensively he has been involved in so far this season: (One common point that stands out is that his mid range game is non-existent)

Across the board the kid has some high quality decision making skills. Muhaymin states on that his dream like so many others is to play in the NBA. Well, here is an eye opener… (+400 jobs and they are not easy to get, so either lobby hard or show yourself off harder) in a draft where Luca Doncic went 3rd overall  ( averaging +25 minutes and +14 points during this time frame in the Euroleague and currently over 18 games averaging +19 points) likely going all rookie first team no doubt. Chances are extremely slim for a hard worker such as Muhaymin. But that does not mean he should falter on his NBA dream.

A major area I see this young gun lacking in (other than his mid range offensive game) is his defensive stance and coverage. While ideally a two guard, in terms of height and size, he should have the ability to cover all the way to the four spot when pushed. However many times the lack of experience he faces when covering stronger players or faster guards than himself is that his feet do get tangled up a lot.

Putting basics aside, with his wing-span he should be able to force offensive players he defends to harder shots (so far in 6 BSL games he has played for Tofaş he has a total of 12 points in just under 7 minutes) I have rarely see him be able to do so. While young guys such as Muhaymin usually get much more time within domestic league (BSL) games a lot of plays that his team current team end up running are those that usually are high converting shots, mid range with the rare corner three ball involvement. The driving force of the team are the big men and the guards and small forwards usually tend to fend things off for themselves.

The numbers breakdown

With a major thanks to RealGM feel free to look at what this kid has done in terms of numbers PER 40 min:

Overall thoughts

Muhaymin currently plays with Tofaş Bursa a far difference to where he was last season with Anadolu Efes. Frankly he had developed his game over last season tremendously however, in terms of being honest, I really can not where he’d end up going to from here. A two way contract or a G-League opportunity might pop up if he makes the trip over to the US in the summer, if he is led properly by his current agency. Its just a thought but players such as this I would recommend one thing, keep working your tail off till you get a good level Euro contract and try to stay in Euroleague level teams.