DO or Die for the Orange Lions

Tomorrow at 20:00 the Dutch National Men’s Basketball Team aka the Orange Lions will face off against the Polish hammers. A do or die game between the number 44th FIBA ranked Dutch side and the 27th will be an interesting game to watch.

Not that I have any stake in the game whatsoever, the Group D 2nd place (Dutch side) facing off against the Group C 2nd place (Polish side) is fascinating in terms of a few points.

The Advantage is with the Orange Lions

I checked out a few interesting physical attributes and while both side measure up in terms of average height at 6’6″ the curious case that the Orange Lions are younger than their opponents (average age of the Dutch side being 25 years while the Polish are 29) this could predominantly affect the pace of the game.

From prior group games that have been played out a calculated assumption would be that as long as the Orange Lions can play at a PPP of roughly 72 they stand a good chance to beat the Polish side. Its been a given fact that the Polish side try to play a slower paced game and their overall average has been on the deeper PPP of 68 till this point from solely looking at the numbers.

What the matchup comparison tells us:

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 14.36.06.png

From only having watched a couple of the NT games of the Orange Lions one common thing I see missing is the lack of 3 point shot attempts is almost 40 attempts overall lower than the Polish side. While ball distribution is also a concern for the Dutch as they usually prefer the isolation plays the overall size and rebounding and speed make up for things.

Both Toon van Helfteren and Sander Van Der Holst are experts in being able to work not just magic but provide stable plays when it comes to this group of talented players. The key I see with this team is playing the patient and mid shot clock game and not firing shots up too soon. The Polish side prefer to play a much more physical game.

It will be an interesting matchup to watch, With speedy and explosive guards like Worthy De Jong as well as Charlon Kloof at the helm and sharp shooting Arvin Slagter also providing leadership my actual curiosity about the roster comes in at hopefully watching Reink Maast as well as Keye Van Der Vuurst de Vries the two talented and developing young stars.

I will be doing a post game review and what comes next version to this post!


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