Frameworking for basketball clubs/teams – how to run a successful organization through change

In every sense numbers affect how an organization is run in basketball. With this said, I wanted to share an insightful post through a part of project work I do for clubs/teams and federations.

Frameworking for basketball clubs/teams or federations, its not a new concept however its been a struggle to have it implemented as it takes a long time as well as for many stakeholders recognizing that change is a must to adapt to in terms of growing to be successful.

The last few years more and more (potential) clients have been asking for insight as well as added project thoughts surrounding how they can adjust to becoming more accommodating  towards their members as well as still abiding to FIBA rules on running their organization.

Frameworking in the last decade has been best implemented in the NBA by the Philadelphia 76ers when Sam Hinkie was in charge of the organization. Their idea that they built around “The Process” trusting in it and being able to add value towards each season was a major overhaul for the franchise.

A lot of the ideas I share with clients internationally do stem from the NBA or are re-structured accordingly to fit in their needs. I recently have begun a frameworking project (the name of the club I can not reveal due to NDA reasons however a very historical European powerhouse that has been competing at Euroleague level and that has contributed astoundingly in developing players over the last 3 decades) its not even half way through being completed but is a good example of how things work out.

The following are the stages that have been mentioned outright towards the club:

  • Discovery
  • Planning & Presentation
  • Adjustment(s) & Precision
  • Execution

The above are the broad points that allow for clubs/federations to find where they currently are in their situation as well as prepare to where they want to go in the future.

Its in part critical that any club needs to figure out how their original mission/vision statement and their current member structure would be able to adapt to change that they potentially are seeking out. Intially organizational culture is an extension to the frameworking idea however to the cause and effect I feel its important to notice that there are limitations since clubs are governed by FIBA across the landscape we mostly are in.


While most of the clients I work with have found me through referrals, with regards to the frameworking project work I do, this usually takes about 1-2 months to complete. understanding the full ins and outs of the club. The vision, the mission, the overall situation of where it currently is within its local basketball federation or association, the key during this stage of the project is usually seeing from a consultant perspective of how possibly creating an analytical environment at the player, team support level can work out. At every corner its good to remember that the constraints that FIBA sets are good to know. As a governing body FIBA need to audit every federation that are under them and the same goes for the clubs as they are a part of the competition and overall system. Its therefore important to notice how much a club can do accordingly.

Planning & Presentation

Once the prior discovery period is completed I usually take about one full month to prepare a tailored presentation aimed at the revamping or full rebuilding of a club’s needs and wants. In detail it will cover areas of how from Youth Development to Pro team will go through  stage by stage of a proper framework with analytics involvement and how it can impact the clubs entire decision making process and actually make them a fully marketable product as well as self-sustained if carried out fully.

Adjustment(s) & Precision

At this stage once the club has seen that either the entire project planning or parts of it are feasible for themselves, I remotely guide/teach their board members and/or staff on how to execute the areas they would like to develop. This usually takes anywhere between a 2-3 month time frame.


Once the process is complete which takes about a full basketball season depending on location and schedule. The club is fully prepared at all almost levels to execute a full change over to their new framework.

Here is a rough working draft that can be seen as an example to some extent on how the analytics end of things can be implemented.

Please be fully aware that this is proprietary work of APB and any copying resemblance or unauthorized use can be legally actionable.

Please be fully aware that this does not embody the full scale of work of a project but just a fraction of it!

Myths and Outcomes of Basketball Frameworking

  • In part a huge myth that I’d like to clarify is that basketball frameworking is not a costly element to consider. The entire aim of this solution is so that it becomes a cost effective method for a club/team or an organization to implement into their environment and to create a successful flow.
  • In 2016 an academic article written up by Bruce Scott was published to explain how the analytics end of NBA teams works out, while much more technical and less explanatory its not aimed at international basketball directly however gives a lot of insight on the technicalities of how things work. Here is a link to the article mentioned:
  • Its a given fact that clubs need to consider changing strategy every 5 to 10 years in order to adapt to their environment and the league structures they are involved in, frameworking in this sense is a crucial tool to account for.
  • Frameworking can NOT and will NOT make instant impact unless all stakeholders of a club or organization commit to an agreed upon change, its therefore important to agree on a clear path and structure that will allow growth through adapting to what is needed.

If you, or your club is interested in figuring out how to get involved of would like to find out more I would always be happy to assist in explaining things further and set up an initial call to understand how Advance Pro Basketball can help out. All you’d need to do is to email me and schedule a call.

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