Re-establishing our core value and mission statement for the future

Dear All, I hope that you have all been well. Its been a little too long yet again since we’ve posted an update or shared information with you.

Over the last months APB has been transitioning to becoming a prime source of go to stuff for the NBA, the Basketball Champions League teams and Euroleague teams in terms of the work that we have been doing behind the scenes of the leagues.

Due to all the work, the time we have put in so far we have had to take a decision to re-evaluate our stance.

While we still are currently the only consultancy company situated in Europe that works with key clients and stakeholders across various leagues our initial stance of being able to report on all leagues is becoming impossible to achieve for us due to time constraints.

Its for this reason we will be taking a practical approach.

We will be doing on and off reports on the following leagues which we closely work in:

The NBA, The Basketball Champions League and the Turkish Airlines Euroleague will be our main focus as of today onwards.

Aside from the three leagues we will also focus on key European players that have potential to shine.

We will also do our utmost best to share and report on key partners and news across from friends of our platform as much as possible.

Our new look reporting style might throw some of you off at first but consider that the basketball real-estate is vast across the world its time for us to be able to hone in on what we do best and keep focus on our clients that have gotten us hear.


If there are any requests that any of our readers would ever have we’d be open to dig further into it for this we would like you to email us at 

Kindest Regards,

Advance Pro Basketball


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