Adios to Turkey, the remainder of EuroBasket 2017

Sunday was the last time the Turkish national men’s team hit the court at EuroBasket 2017. Below are highlights courtest of’s youtube channel and added stats and insight from TISSOT’s Eurobasket 2017 IOS app:


Simply put from start to finish Spain controlled the game as the host country Turkey, tried to turn their disadvantage of playing chaos/pace and push basketball to points.

It might seem like Turkey did outscore against Spain in the 2nd and 3rd quarters but the fact that the pace and the possessional values of the game were entirely held by the Spanish side.

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The quarter final stage & the remainder of the tournament



Two matchups that will be played out today involve two heavyweights of the tournament. The game between Germany and Spain will definitely be one for the history books. Germany whom took down the French team are looking at facing a very heavily talented Spanish team led by the Gasol brothers. To us at Advance Pro Basketball this game will show how pace/possession as well as potential defensive/offensive win-sharing and Hands On Buckets will separate one side from the other.

On the other hand we will also see a strong Slovenian campaign face off against the surprisingly good Latvian team. Both Goran Dragic and Kristaps Porzingis are in the running for top scorers on their respective teams. Aside from two players on the slovenian national team all players play in leagues outside of Slovenia. Goran Dragic is the only player that has been playing multiple seasons in the NBA. On the other hand when looking at Latvia, Aside from Prozingis we see Davis Bertans that has been playing in the NBA. The remainder of the Latvian team include five players playing outside of the Latvian national league. While Slovenia has been effective on both offense and defense so far during their EuroBasket 2017 campaign, their key half court plays and transition defense have been admirable and worth noting. Both teams use a high potential lineup of roughly +/- 15 variations and overall we see that the top lineups for Slovenia usually play roughly +5:00 minutes where Dragic ends up being the center piece. On the other hand Lativa usually keeps Janis Timma and Prozingis equal time in terms of lineup timings +/- 3:50 minutes. Bertans does pitch in with key possesional strengths on shooting and passing and deflective abilities.

The remainder of the tournament

As a closing part, I think its highly worth-while to mention that the tournament in Istanbul has been one of many various points of interest. One key element that has been disappointing has been the non attendance of NBA talent not showing up but to the other end FIBA unfortunately again have taken a stance against the Euroleague and officiating of the lack thereof has been very counter productive.

In comparison to the last four tournaments having done a quick dive, referees in this tournament have not allowed physical plays to occur (On average out of +/- 80 poss. only 5.8 poss. were called out). The number of fouls resulting in successful free throws are reasonably lower too (+/- 2.4 FT%). With such bad refereeing decisions it brought the question of why Euroleague quality referees were not used but given the stance of both organizations towards each other it only leaves things questionable.

Tomorrow’s matchups where in Greece face off Russia and Italy face off against Serbia will set the stage for the semi finals.

Overall the win probability calculations show that Slovenia have the potential of winning the tournament with 35%. Spain hold the highest potential with +47% chance whereas Italy has only 15% chance.

I wish all the remaining teams in the tournament a great time.

Frankly, I see Spain making their final run with this group of players before the rejuvenation process starts for the next FIBA WorldCup 2019 tournament.

Peace & Advance Pro Basketball