The CAVS/BOS swap

So this happened, but how did it happen and at what cost?

Koby Altman has been working on placing Kyrie in with the best possible option while trying to unload the +17 mil $ remained of his contract. Successfully achieved. To some extent it should be noted that both Danny Ainge and Koby Altman have been hashing over the details of this possibility for some time. 

Did one side get more out of it or was it a close to equal deal that ended up sending equal parts to improve teams?

This is a major part of what this article will delve into. 

Overall, I’ll do my best to give you added insight with this article:


First of all let’s rewind back to the 2011 NBA Draft.

Kyrie gets picked 1st and IT gets picked last in the draft. For both the CAVS and BOS the 2011 was a success in hind sight.

Fast forward 6 seasons, while IT grows out of his proverbial shell all the while Kyrie manages to become Rookie of the year (2011 – 2012) and more recently clinching an NBA Champion (2016).

IT is considered the undersized as well as the under rated lefty when he started out in SACTO but as he grew and blossomed in TOT & PHO into a scoring PG by NBA standards. The more recent three season he has been lifting up the Celtics to amazing heights year after year since he landed in BOS.

From a quick comparison of simple statistics of last year’s performance:

Per 100 possessions:

Kyrie – 35.9 pts, 8.3 ast, 1.6 stl

Isaiah – 42.4 pts, 8.6 ast, 1.3 stl


All too naturally there are added elements that affected the swap (IT’s injury he sustained as well as the doctor’s report solidified the outcome of the trade button to be pressed).

Jae Crowder as well as Ante Zizic and the 2018 1st round pick were also sent from BOS to the CAVS. Overall CAVS unloaded the contract of Kyrie and still got a good number of players to advance their efforts to head back to the NBA Finals however something I can not foresee is that the CAVS ending up doing this next year.

OK, Kyrie takes away a lot from the CAVS moving to BOS but what IT, Jae, Zizic and an added draft pick does is only elevate the efforts of THE LAND that much more.



Career Per 100 Possessions:

Kyrie vs. IT (Check out Basketball Reference for full insight on both players)

ORtg:    112  – 116

DRtg:   109 – 111

So putting the above criteria to rest some further insight on the other added players would be as follows:

Jae Crowder had a flat out good season last year and from the on going growth it’ll be tough for BOS to adjust to the defensive presence but in fact offensively he also had a major contribution from corner 3 point shots as it can be seen.


On the other hand Ante Zizic had a good year (stats can be seen below):

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 20.23.39.png

To me the real steal that the CAVS get is Zizic by far. It should be noted that he does need to adjust to the faster paced NBA style of play but the summer league games showed promise and prior to Koby Altman taking the decision to include this young player’s contract.

Here are some highlights of Zizic’s Summer league performance:

Late last night as the swap occured below are the notable projected roster placings for the Celtics as well as the CAVS.



Overall, our perspective is that the CAVS seem to have come out with the better end of this swap. However it is still to be seen how the newly shaping Celtics will perform in the East with so much talent having headed West.


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