Proud to announce an amazing partnership!

We are happy to announce that the best international Scouting services NetScouts Basketball which have been running their

scout certification program has recently accepted to partner up with us (Advance Pro Basketball).

Its been a long standing fact that scouting has been an aspect of the business of basketball that has worked parallel with basketball analytics on many levels.

With the above in mind:

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017-18 college basketball season.

Scout trainees will be:

  • Credentialed for college basketball games in your geographic area where you will live scout alongside professional scouts at press row
  • Assigned video scouting of overseas international tournaments
  • Trained in NetScouts Basketball’s scouting process
  • Trained in analytics software which will be used as part of the scouting process
  • Writing scouting reports which will be critiqued by NetScouts Basketball’s Managing Partners
  • Writing content for college games covered which will be featured on our website and others
  • Receiving important industry experience and an excellent resume reference

Trainees who have completed their year with sufficient live-scouting experience and who have submitted scouting reports in the quality required will be certified by NetScouts Basketball as being proficient in basketball scouting.

This program is available for the cost of $695 for the year. The cost includes our time in coordinating the credentialing process and the time involved in reviewing scouting reports. We also have monthly conference calls with trainees. We may limit the acceptance of applicants to this program based on geographic area or college. (Please be aware that we reserve the right to adjust the pricing based on improvements and advances in the program.)

We are open to accepting applicants from various countries as long as we can design the program so that it would benefit you. As NetScouts Basketball has partnered with Advance Pro Basketball the way the program will be run is the scouting end of the program will be managed by NetScouts Basketball and Advance Pro Basketball will act as representative in Europe and will also manage the analytics component to the course with inclusion of an analytics & game scouting app.

Successful scouts will be able to use NetScouts Basketball as a reference in pursuing relevant job opportunities as well as having the “Certification” help in your job search.

Here are a few testimonials from recent graduates of the program:

“NetScouts Basketball’s training program gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business. Not only do you get access to high level college basketball, but you also get feedback on your reports so you can continue to grow. My experience with NetScouts has been invaluable and I highly recommend their training program to aspiring scouts.”  Jack Vlasic (Miami, FL)

“NetScouts Basketball’s scout training program has been an amazing part of my professional scouting journey. Through this program I have learned the ins and outs of scouting and have been given the opportunity to do it in a professional setting. Being affiliated with NetScouts has given me credibility for my career and allowed me to show other organizations my professional worth. I recommend this to anyone interested in scouting, analytics, media relations or just basketball in general.” Greg Walter (Baltimore, MD)

You can register for this program by contacting NetScouts Basketball or by contacting us directly.

We will review all registrations to assure that each applicant has the background required to be successful in this program in their respective regions.

You can also contact Carl Berman at 001 541-359-9653 or write to or Ermay Duran at 0031 610 128 790 or write to  Please include your resume while applying.

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