NBA FINALS: GAME 5 GSW – CAVS (GSW Champions x2 in Three years – KD Finals MVP)

The 2016 – 2017 NBA season if officially over. As predicted and suggested THE GSW completed their Finals run in DUBS fashion against a great CAVS team. Two NBA Championships in the last three years. The biggest storyline in terms of basketball analytics during the NBA Finals to me was how hard KD personally had worked to improve not just his scoring options but on defense being able to read much more and assess how he potentially managed to stop, transit and succeed.

On another note, I saw that CAVS had the tools to execute a rare seen defensive pull and push style of play that cut the GSW offense. It seems that Coach LUE managed to figure out a way to cut into the pace and possession of how Coach KERR was setting the offense of GSW. The major issue was that CAVS only managed to execute their defense the way they wanted to till little more than mid way into the second quarter and flatlined and faltered to the offensive power of the DUBS.

All in all a great rivalry that was concluded by KD earning the Finals MVP honors and it still does not take away from how great LBJ really is. Its time to go fishing for everyone except those of us focued on next weeks NBA 2017 Draft when new talent and the front offices will be looking at executing personnel additions, changes and much much more (can’t give too much away)…

Here is are the highlights of the game:

Yet again with the endless support of you can see the the win predictablility chart and advanced boxscore below:

The simplistic game stats including some advanced information:

1 2 3 4 Final
CLE (29-22) 37 23 33 27 120
GOS (67-15) 33 38 27 31 129
Advanced Poss ORtg DRtg
CLE 99 121.4 130.5
GOS 99 130.5 121.4
Four Factors eFG% TO% OR% FTR
CLE .597 0.142 0.300 0.170
GOS .589 0.132 0.310 0.256
Further details courtesy of ESPN and

Courtesy of here are the lineup breakdowns used by both teams for the fourth game: (for a full lineup breakdown of the CAVS):

Most played lineups in Game 5: (for a full lineup breakdown of the GSW):

Most played lineups in Game 5:

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