NBA FINALS: GAME 4 GSW – CAVS (LeBron and Co. get one back)

Cleveland finally responded back with a strong defensive game as well as offense created from not allowing GSW on their off the ball movement. The series heading back to The Bay Area, will GSW be able to finish of the CAVS or will they have trouble adjusting?

Here is are the highlights of the game:

Yet again with the endless support of you can see the the win predictablility chart and advanced boxscore below:

The simplistic game stats including some advanced information:

1 2 3 4 Final
GOS (67-15) 33 35 28 20 116
CLE (29-22) 49 37 29 22 137
Advanced Poss ORtg DRtg
GOS 96 120.7 142.6
CLE 96 142.6 120.7
Four Factors eFG% TO% OR% FTR
GOS .511 0.125 0.400 0.310
CLE .667 0.114 0.268 0.241
Further details courtesy of ESPN and
From a simplistic stand point CAVS out hustled GSW on the boards (REB)!
Please take note that NOT ONCE were the GSW able to take the lead during the game!

Courtesy of here are the lineup breakdowns used by both teams for the fourth game: (for a full lineup breakdown of the CAVS):

Most played lineups in Game 4: (for a full lineup breakdown of the GSW):

Most played lineups in Game 4:

Questions for Game 5:

  1. How do the GSW change up thier offensive off the ball motion? 
  2. How does KD, Draymond and the remaining big lineup of GSW seek active offensive rebounding? 
  3. Can JR Smith & K.Love keep his offensive game flowing the way that he did (5/10 FGM) & (7-14) in Game 4? 
  4. Can Lebron help out his team by keeping his defensive ratings going higher? 
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