The third game of the finals to me was a real disappointment! Especially JR Smith was lacking on offense and Kyle Korver getting the unnecessary pass for a three point spot up sealed the CAVS fate for me. Currently the CAVS win predictability for the 4th game are lower than 10% as far as I have been able to calculate.

I highly recommend that you check out the following site even though its in Polish its a great indicator by Mikolaj Myszka here is a link to his site its clear indication that Cleveland was not defensively ready to handle KD or the GSW coming in to the finals series from the 1st and 2nd round.

The entire supporting cast of the CAVS while attempting at defense can not keep the ball out of top level offensive player hands hence the explosiveness of KD in terms of ORtg and PTS of eFG% come into play.

When we look at the advanced defensive stats, Tristan Thompson is the only player on the CAVS that stands a chance of stopping the GSW:

Here is a breakdown on a full team basis defensively:

click on the image to see a full scale analysis over the season for the indicators mentioned above!

You can find the game highlights here:

Again with the endless support of you can see the the win predictability chart and advanced boxscore below:

The simplistic game stats including some advanced information:

1 2 3 4 Final
GOS (67-15) 39 28 22 29 118
CLE (29-22) 32 29 33 19 113
Advanced Poss ORtg DRtg
GOS 100 117.7 112.7
CLE 100 112.7 117.7
Four Factors eFG% TO% OR% FTR
GOS .578 0.180 0.182 0.265
CLE .511 0.120 0.270 0.233
Further details courtesy of ESPN and
Courtesy of here are the lineup breakdowns used by both teams for the third game: (for a full lineup breakdown of the CAVS):

Most played lineup in Game 3 (for a full lineup breakdown of the GSW):

Most played lineup in Game 3

Questions for Game 4:

  1. How will the CAVS come back especially with their supporting cast, both starters such as JR Smith whom had a very sad first two games and also struggling offensively need to step up and create urgency who will step up?
  2. Can KD keep on dominating and add the final blow to the CAVS hopes?
  3. How stable is the GSW bench production especially on defense? (No GSW player has DRtg above 120 except for McGee)

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