NBA Finals: Game 2 GSW – CAVS (2 down 2 to go)

The second game of the finals proved that preparation on both ends crucially ended working out much better for GSW.

You can find the game highlights here:

Again with the endless support of you can see the the win predictablility chart and advanced boxscore below:



The simplistic game stats including some advanced information:

1 2 3 4 Final
CLE (29-22) 34 30 24 25 113
GOS (67-15) 40 27 35 30 132
Advanced Poss ORtg DRtg
CLE 106 106.2 124.0
GOS 106 124.0 106.2
Four Factors eFG% TO% OR% FTR
CLE .490 0.085 0.244 0.150
GOS .618 0.188 0.189 0.247
Further details courtesy of ESPN and
Courtesy of here are the lineup breakdowns used by both teams for the second game: (for a full lineup breakdown of the CAVS):

Most played lineup in Game 2 (for a full lineup breakdown of the GSW):

Most played lineup in Game 2


Questions for Game 3:

  1. How does Klay Thompson fit in with KD taking on a dominant role on offense?
    • Click here for a comparison of Klay & KD’s advanced stats
  2. How does Cleveland respond to being down by two games on defense?
  3. How can GSW tweak their own defense going in to game 3 and lower their turnovers which they had too much of? 
  4. How does the supporting cast of the CAVS respond to the urgency of not being able to stop the GSW?
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