NBA Finals Game 1: GSW vs CAVS

Last night we saw the first game of the NBA Finals being played out to me personally as an analytics guy, the game was from start to finish filled with various storylines but most of all I was critical about tracking the LAG RATES of players especially given that GSW came up with 12 good steals and how the CAVS just did not respond back accordingly.

The rest of this post includes my view with courtesy and assistance from added other sites…

The highlights to the game can be seen here:

With some added insight from and Mike Beuoy here are some graphs and advanced analytical details to the game:

One critical bit to take notice of is WPA (Win Probability Added) its the pinpoint the Mike Beuoy works around with while predictively looking at NBA games.

From a simplistics perspective and a bit more broken down prespective (team based) the game looked as follows:

1 2 3 4 Final
CLE (29-22) 30 22 20 19 91
GOS (67-15) 35 25 33 20 113
Advanced Poss ORtg DRtg
CLE 100 91.4 113.6
GOS 100 113.6 91.4
Four Factors eFG% TO% OR% FTR
CLE .413 0.201 0.254 0.233
GOS .481 0.040 0.280 0.104

With the courtesy of & here is the general game stats, the game tracker visual and the team leaders table:

Outright the Assists, Steals, Turnovers, fastbreak scoring and points in the paint made difference for the GSW and it proved that as a team GSW do have a defensive stance to fall back on to produce offense!

Courtesy of here are the lineup breakdowns used by both teams: (for a full lineup breakdown of the CAVS):

Most played lineup in Game 1 (for a full lineup breakdown of the GSW):

Most played lineup in Game 1

Questions for Game 2:

  1. How do you stop LeBron and Kyrie respective of thier scoring abilities?
  2. Bench production of the CAVS from start to finish, how effectively higher does it need to get for a “W”?
  3. GSW & CAVS how do they reconfigure their optimal lineups to effectively improve on DRtg?
  4. Four Factor-wise what will both teams adjust to in order not to fall into the same mistakes?

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