Acıbadem Sport Science presenting The International Symposium on Basketball Science (Day 1)

Today was day 1 that Acıbadem Sport Science in co-ordination with the Euroleague opened up its doors to basketball people around Europe.

While both the injury prevention as well as the basketball science on court in terms of Data analysis were explored.

The intial point of interest I had was the presentation done by Andrea Valade of Nielsen, photos of which can be found in this posting. It was followed by a panel including Andrea as well as Jose Luis Rosa-Medina the Director of Global Marketing for the Euroleague as well as Bahar Erbengi the VP of Corp, Communications for the Doğuş Group. My initial take-away from the panel that was dealing with “How Data Affects Sports Sponsorships” was that there seems to be a lot of catching up on and integrating data as well as data driven solutions need to be more and more sought out based on the trend that consumers now more than ever are looking at being engaged digitally as well as with data driven information. While by far Andrea’s presentation highlighted how other sports and data based integration have been successful in Europe a new way breed of consumer aside from millennials needs to be considered.

The audiance also got to hear from speakers such as Matt Moreno  of the Chicago Bulls whom discussed “Marketing & Fan Engagement” specifically how fan engagement in their digital space has grown and how key elements and aspects were explored. In comparison Filip Sunturulic at Marketing Direktor at KK Crvena zvezda mts explained how their system of scalling out across Europe has been doing great. To me some added key insight could have touched on the fact that consumers both in the U.S. as well as in Europe have the means to purchase and be engaged its the fact of the matter that in the U.S. entertaining the FAN with much more than what is going on in a basketball arena and the experience that comes with it is much more memorable and a key USP that differentiates the European consumer. “If you build it, they will come” mentality is one way that European basketball teams should follow as well as utilizing a more centralised method in order to reach fans across the board can be a good starting point of implementation.

One side note that is interesting with the Euroleague and certain leagues across Europe is that some if not even all teams are not linked to league pages. (test this out for yourself! head on over the and form there check out the teams listed on the site there is not external link that you can be directed to that would keep you further engaged. While the above situation is the case in Europe once you log on to and check out the Golden State Warriors you would be directed to their own microsite that is in uniformity with standards. It is these kinds of elements that keep consumers/fans engaged and make marketing on a digital aspect much more manageable.)

Tomorrow will be the second and final day of the event, I will mainly be focusing on the two critical presentations firstly “Smart Courts Are On The Way” by HARRI HOHTERI of SPORTIQ and secondly Indoor Tracking as an External Load Management by XAVI RECHE ROYO of BARCELONA FC. In addition to the above the panel of Future of Basketball might also be of some general interest that could shed light to some points as well for basketball analytics and how coaches, executives and club management in general see data driven solutions overall. 


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