{:tr}TBL’de ilk tur eşleşmesi için analiz (Afyon Bel. – Tofaş){:}{:en}TBL first round team analysis (Afyon Bel. vs. Tofaş){:}

{:tr}Çok değerli Derin TBL’nin ricası üzerine Tofaş basketbol’un zaafları ve son 10 maçlık serisi üzerinden, ayrıca sezon içinde kaybettiği 3 maçı dikkate alarak hazırladığım analize buradan ulaşabilirsiniz:

[embeddoc url=”http://advanceprobasketball.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/quiet-dashboard.pdf”]{:}{:en} 

As requested by Derin TBL, I have analyzed Tofaş Basketball with regards to their last 10 games as well as taking into account the 3 games that they lost during the season to point out their weaknesses. You can find the full breakdown below:

[embeddoc url=”http://advanceprobasketball.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/quiet-dashboard.pdf”]{:}

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