A full Summer and the new season up ahead!

Dear Advance Pro Basketball fans, first of all we apologize for being away for awhile.

We have had a very busy Summer.

Aside from the analytical player development students we have been working with, we have been in the midst of developing projects with domestic and international partners as well as providing consultancy work.

On a different note, we have also welcomed new players to our analytical player development program with our new slogan “basketbol’a analitik yaklaşım“(in Turkish – “an analytical approach to basketball“).

Advance Pro Basketball has also taken steps to be a part of a unique platform that is being developed that will change the landscape of professional basketball throughout Europe. On top of this our brand has been in the midst of vizualizing data as well as overall development of the platform.

In further news, thanks to our global partnerships Advance Pro Basketball’s social media and overall presence as been growing over the last months and given our new slogan which is aimed at pointing out the understanding that analytics can change the way fans, teams, coaches and executives express their way throughout the basketball community in a simplistic way.

Following the positive notes mentioned above, we would like to point out a few things we have come across over the Summer and more recently that have occurred.

  1. The Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) recently held the first ever conference in order to search answers for the future of Turkish Basketball (Arama Konferansı) (31 August – 1 September 2016).
    • We hope that this conference will be a grounds on the further advancement of Turkish basketball in the future. However one thing that we have recognized is that there were no coaches nor any potential executives that presented the next generation (anyone under the age of 30). Unfortunately we were not able to attend the conference due to prior engagements outside of Turkey. (we would urge that anyone interested in the conference can reach the videos to in Turkish from the link here: http://www.tbftv.org/Home)
  2. TBF has conducted a seminar for its statistics workers in İstanbul.
    • The seminar was led by Mr. Nahit Yeşiltepe (the head of statistics at the TBF) and new implementations that would be added on in the up and coming 2016 – 2017 season were announced. While we hope that these types of seminars do improve the current structure of the TBF stats and data sharing to become better. We also would like to point out the following. Especially this past summer many experts that we have been in contact with in the U.S. as well as in Europe have pointed out that reaching data about the Turkish basketball leagues is almost impossible and even when they do, they feel its unreliable given it is not clean data. We have at several points been disappointed at the fact that simple play by play data that could be shared in the TBF website is non-existant and makes advancing analytics within Turkey that much harder. We kindly urge that the TBF make this data available similar to that is present on the FIBA Europe and FIBA websites in order to better analyze as well as be able to independantly work on overall improving Turkish basketball via data analysis. We also do understand that while data privacy might be a concern, given that game statistics as well as the games themselves are viewable via the public why not share data that is recorded. (On a further note its also worth mentioning that at present not all leagues that are tied in with the TBF are recorded in terms of statistics which is equally disappointing; furthermore based on sources that we have obtained the current TBF localized and international website is among the top 3 in terms of the most expensive cost-wise as well as visibility, yet they do not offer international statistics at all. Here is a link to prove this situation: http://www.tbf.org.tr/en/leagues/men’s-2nd-division)

With the new season we want to announce that we will be looking into a new focus area, DISTANCE COVERED which we recognize as a key efficiency factor within basketball. We will be doing our best to review this through video analytics as well as much as possible during live games we will be on site.



As a final word to this post, we also would like to announce that we will do our best to cover WOMEN’S BASKETBALL may that be with the WNBA, The women’s basketball leagues in Turkey. We highly feel that there has not been enough focus on the performance in terms of overall analytics within the women’s game so far which equally deserves mention in basketball. We highly hope that we will be able to report on this area with the up and coming season.

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