Euroleague Final Four Team & Player based Advanced Statistics

First of all, as a brief opening word I would like to welcome on Brayden Epp a brilliant mind that has come on board to Advance Pro Basketball as an Author and will be doing lots of work for the organization in terms of posting added information.

With the above said please find our break down of most if not all the Euroleague Final Four players that will be competing to get a share of the glory this weekend in Istanbul.

First off, I would like to share the team based advanced stats of all four teams.

Furthermore, below are the player based advanced statistics that give a bit more of a detailed analysis on how they have preformed so far during the season and the EL playoffs so far.

We hope that you enjoy this weekend which looks like a great event so far and hopes to generate lots of buzz.

Based on information shared by the Euroleague so far for the first time ever SportsVU data will be made available to media and the public after the event is completed so it should be an exciting time up ahead with more precise data to be able to revisit and help in basketball analytics in Europe for the future.

A deep dive look at the DBL as the 2016 – 2017 season is about to end


Avrupa’nın önde gelen basketbol uzmanları ile görüşmelerim sonucu sizlere önümüzdeki 2017 NBA Draft’ine girmesi muhtemel adaylar ve draft tur sıralarını listeledim:

(Draft Lottery, invitational ve NBA Draft Combine katılımlarına yakın bu listenin tekrar gözden geçirileceğini önden bildirmek istiyorum)


TBL takımlarından Nesine Eskişehir Basket takımının yöntemi, antrenör kadrosu ve scouting’i sonucu yarın ilk defa izlenilecek olan Troy Gillenwater, eski bir AAU ve New Mexico State yıldız oyuncusunun infografik profili ve dahasını aşağıda bulabilirsiniz!

You can also find a short clip of his here to catch a preview of his highlights during his time at N.Mexico State: