One game analytical breakdown





  • Unedited game footage of the game you would like to be analytically broken down
  • It can be an opponent game to be brokendown

What a game break down will include upon delivery:

  • A lineup analysis of your players based on their advanced statistics
  • A game review of your advanced statistics including comments and simple tendencies
  • A player based game leadership report
  • A list of points to watch out for with future recommendations
  • Shot chart of your entire team as well as your opponent

Add-ons that can be requested:

  • Any opponent tendencies or additional analysis you would like to be included need to be declared prior to the start of the breakdown!

Delivery time:

  • Once you have successfully shared the unedited game footage of your game it takes a max. of 24 hours for a full breakdown and analysis to be completed (any additional analysis would take added time!)

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