Who is Ermay Duran?

  • Citizen of Turkey and The Netherlands
  • Completed academic studies in Liberal Arts, Sports and International management at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey (Bachelor Degree), Ca Foscari University, Venice, Italy (MSc.), University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK (MSc.)
  • Worked +10 years in corporate entities related to the field of corp. sales, marketing & sports.
  • Has a wide network in basketball overall & is a known figure for +20 years around the US, European & especially in the Turkish basketball community
  • Completed Basketball Analytics course led by Dean Oliver formerly of the Denver Nugggets and Sacramento Kings
  • Completed Basketball GM & Scouting course led by Mark Warkentein of the New York Knicks
  • Has taken part in known organizations across Europe and Turkey (please reach out and ask for specifics)
  • Country Ambassador for MyAgonism (Sports Analytics Company)
  • Invitee and Attendee of MIT – Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
  • Owner of Advance Pro Basketball
  • Member of The Ass. of Pro. Basketball Research (APBR) organization 

Who is Brayden Epp?

  •  Citizen of Canada
  • Currently Author at Advance Pro Basketball
  •  Just completed my 3rd year in an Honours specialization Biology program at Western University
  •  Assistant Coach of the U13 Pelham Panthers Boys Basketball team
  • 3-time Ontario Basketball Championship gold medalist
  • 2-time Knights of Columbus Free Throw Champion
  • 2-time attendee of Duke University Basketball Summer Development Camp

Who is DeMarcus Berry?

  •  Citizen of United States
  • 8 Year playing career in England, Ukraine, and Australia
  • Currently working as an Advanced Scout for numerous Professional Teams around the world
  • Player/Coach for multiple teams in the 2nd Division of Australian Basketball League
  • Extensive background in Player development, Program management, and Advanced Scouting