The Analytical peak of Europe BSL

Dear Advance Pro Basketball readers, each week as the pace picks up in terms of developing our web app to share with you our efforts are proving its worth. As the 6th week of the BSL closes off, here are a few small notes and some insights I would like to share with you.

As an expert following several leagues across Europe having to compare data and stats constantly it amazes me a lot that the BSL separates itself from the pack very distinctly. In terms of looking at Pace and DRtg across 6 different leagues and doing a full on comparison of 6 league averages and where they stand 6 weeks in to the season please take a look at the table below.

When looking into the BSL itself and while there are more foreign players than domestic players which as been a point of discussion of player development in Turkey one fact is that in terms of pace and score production the BSL has seen an increase of about +15% in the past years.

From the charts below a deep dive can be seen where teams have been placed based on certain advanced statistical divisions.

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