The force that is unstoppable?! – Berkan Durmaz a rising star

Back in 2015 when he jumped out of the wood work of the Tofaş youth development system it was obvious that the then budding PF would make more than just a splash in basketball. To be honest I first came across this young man back in 2013 while he played for the U16 Turkish national team where he impacted the team not just on the court but made a major contribution on the bench as he has a real high basketball IQ that allows him to explain things to his teammates with ease.

This year Berkan had an opportunity to not just develop while playing the the top league in Turkey the Basketball Super League (BSL) but he also was granted a secondary license that allowed him to play in the second league the Turkish Basketball league (TBL) with Bakırköy Basket for a certain number of games.

This experience allowed Berkan to grow on the court all too naturally. His only downfall was an injury he sustained that sidelined him for a few games during the middle of the season.

A Glimpse at his numbers (02.05.2018 – 11.02.2018)

Berkan is a unique big man that has qualities that puts him in a Mehmet Okur type class, not only does he have the fundamental skills down but his range of shooting as well as effectivity on defense make him a threat on the court at all times if he is not covered.


His skills in the footage:

Offensive skills:

Defensive skills:

End Result

Berkan so far has made two attempts to enter the NBA Draft once back in 2017 when he withdrew and is also entering the draft this summer as well, at the age of 21, my thoughts after having scouted him across +20 games, I think its safe to say that his ideal case should happen next year at the 2019 NBA Draft.

Key areas of improvement that need work:

  • footwork
  • speed
  • agility
  • quicker ball release
  • more catch & shoot play involvement

Key plus sides

  • Big body bigger – shooting range
  • Easily reads opponents & reacts defensively
  • Perimeter defender & weak side helper all in one
  • persistent on both ends of the court
  • good passer

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Euroleague Playoffs – Road to Belgrade 2018 – A regression based analysis

This has been an extremely busy season for us at Advance Pro BAsketball. We have been assisting several key teams with various competitions across Europe. All the while we also have been keeping an eye out on the top competition, the pearl of Europe so to say, the “Euroleague” and now as we draw a close to the regular season and head into the playoffs. We did a bit of regression calculation and came up with the following outcomes. While these results can potentially be updated on a per result basis we wanted to give a bit of a practical outcome visualisation for our followers and those that follow the Euroleague.

At this point we would like to thank the guys over at OVERBASKET for an amazing job on following up the data coming out of the play by play information and turning it into a visual extravaganza. On our end here at Advance Pro Basketball we were frankly a bit disappointed at the overall results that Anadolu Efes got and ended up with. 7 – 23 games and ending up 16th overall in the competition. Putting all emotional input aside. There were some amazing youngsters that we saw emerging out of the competition as well. No one can second guess that Luca Doncic will be heading over to the NBA next season as he ended up being the most viable youngster starting 20 games for Real Madrid in the EL. Check out the Top 5 qualified players based on PER standings as of last week:

Player Efficiency Rating
Arturas Gudaitis     25.5
Luka Doncic            24.5
Vladimir Stimac       24.1
Nando De Colo       24.0
James Augustine    22.9

A side note needs to be set in place that the young Lithuanian Arturas Gudaitis while still an improving center, he has managed to play more minutes this season +500 than his first two seasons at Zalgiris (+370 both seasons combined) and he has been amazing both offensively and defensively for the Italian team scoring +270 points with 29 blocks and 16 steals so far. I see him heading over to the NBA in no time as well.

The Playoff Standings

Like a lot of my colleagues and peers I should point out that the above regression model does not take into account any regular weights or recent game W/L situations and definitely therefore should not be used in any BETTING cases!

With the above out of the way, I would like to point out that we do not play favoritism at Advance Pro Basketball however given their recent streak and the ability to shut down games Real Madrid vs. CSKA would be a lovely Finals matchup to have. All too naturally we can not count out last year’s champions Fenerbahçe Doğuş. I am torn though weather Baskonia or Zalgiris will be one of the remaining final four candidates. Yet again, I would be remiss to state that all the remaining teams have more than a chance and a fight in them to be able to make it to Belgrade.

Lets all enjoy the playoffs for the time being and see which teams do come up with a couple of surprise wins along the way!

Much love you all!

Ermay Duran

Advance Pro Basketball

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