A deep dive look at the DBL as the 2016 – 2017 season is about to end


After long discussions with several key European basketball minds here is a concurred list of European Draft prospects for the up and coming 2017 NBA Draft:

(please bare in mind that this list is bound to change closer to the draft lottery & attendance of prospective international invitational and the NBA Draft Combine)


Here is a close look at the recently acquired Troy Gillenwater, a former AAU and New Mexico State star that landed in the TBL with Nesine Eskisehir Basket, much respect to the scouting of the staff and the management for the hire!

You can also find a short clip of his here to catch a preview of his highlights during his time at N.Mexico State:

Troy Gillenwater Profile

Junior forward Troy Gillenwater’s ability to rise above defenders and rack up points has made him one of the toughest players to defend in the WAC. And while his scoring touch continues to fill the box scores, it’s his leadership role that has been his most impressive stat this season.

The dark dark horse of the Basketball Champions League – a game review

Dear All, due to many projects, having recently moved to setup HQ in Amsterdam I have been out of my groove but here is a Basketball Champions League (BCL) game review I completed a couple of days ago and just had the chance to post to share with you all.

With great thanks to the amazing tool created by Pivot Sports Analytics, they have been gracious enough to include me as a part of their test group and I hereby wanted to share the last game that Beşiktaş played in the BCL against MHP Reisen (Ludwigsburg).

Beşiktaş a locomotive in the BCL 

With only 2 losses in the BCL (currently tied with AS Monaco for the #1 spot of the BCL with a 86% win percentage – they have the better Hands on Buckets figure in the BCL with 1655 HOB between the two teams), coach Ufuk Sarıca, a special shout out to Arda Demirbağ and the rest of the amazing staff and management for building up a very talented and successful team that have been just rolling through every game.

To recall the game ended 88-85 with Beşiktas winning the game.

So here is a break down of some basic and adv. stats

Scoring 88 points within 79 possessions and at an efficiency rating of 88 and with close to half (45%) of the points coming off of assists Beşiktaş had a hard time clinching the W but proved that with an effective lineup they were able to close off the game.

Beşiktaş team totals throughout the game:

*with 10 deflections in the game they had the highest deflection figure during the last round of games played at that point (BCL deflection average per game is 6 at present).


Relying on a heavy inside scoring option. Beşiktaş were also reasonably accurate from behind the arch scoring 24 points at a 27.3% 3point ratio.

Once again thanks to Pivot Sports Analytics they have been amazing in assisting in improving how lineup analysis can be seen.

Here is a good look at how Beşiktaş clinched the W in terms of their lineup options:

Overall Lineup options of Beşiktaş:

Offensive options of Beşiktaş:

Defensive options of Beşiktaş:


I truly hope that you enjoyed viewing these insights and I hope I can make use of this amazing tool further for added game reviews in due time.